Yamunotri Temple, Photo: Photo by Ritesh Pandey (Facebook)

Yamunotri Temple

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About Yamunotri Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, Yamunotri Temple lies in the western Garhwal Himalayas at an elevation of about 3,291mts. The second most holy river of India, River Yamuna originates at Yamunotri. Hence, Yamunotri Temple forms one of the four Char Dham pilgrimage sites. The majestic mountains, mesmerizing springs of Surya Kund and Gouri Kund gushing hot and cold water respectively, and River Yamuna flowing gracefully provides a tranquil-filled atmosphere around Yamunotri temple.

In YamunotriAbout 5km trek from Jankichatti, situated on the bank of Holy Yamuna river
2 hr

Yamunotri Temple in Yamunotri

Inside Yamunotri Temple

The interior of the temple consists of a Garba Griha (sanctum sanatorium) and a Mandap (assembly hall) where devotees gather for darshan and prayer. The Garba Griha contains the idol of Goddess Yamuna made with black marble and decorated with garlands. There is an idol of Goddess Ganga in white stone beside the idol of Goddess Yamuna.

Yamunotri Temple History and Architecture

Yamunotri Temple was constructed by king of Tehri, Naresh Sudarshan Shah in 1839. It was reconstructed by Maharani of Jaipur Gularia Devi in the 19th century AD after a massive portion of the temple was damaged due to an earthquake. Yamunotri Temple is made using granite stones. A yellow conical shaped tower with beautiful red borders lies at the top of the temple. There is a small patio in the front which is joined with the main entrance. 

Yamunotri Temple Significance

Goddess Yamuna is an iconographic depiction of the River Yamuna.  Yamunotri Temple is considered to be the abode of Goddess Yamuna. The temple is situated on the side of Bandarpoonch Parbat and near the foot of Kalind Parbat and is the highest temple dedicated to Goddess Yamunotri. 

Twin sister of Yama (god of death), daughter of Surya (sun god), and one of the Ashtabharya (eight consorts) of Krishna, Goddess Yamuna is said to be the Goddess of perseverance and is a divine goddess of Hindu mythology. A bath in the revered Yamuna River is said to purify and sins and protect against untimely and unpleasant death. As one of the pilgrimage sites of the Choota Char Dham, a visit to Yamunotri Temple once in a lifetime is considered to be auspicious and significant in one’s life.

Location of Yamunotri Temple

Yamunotri Temple is located in In Yamunotri ( About 5km trek from Jankichatti, situated on the bank of Holy Yamuna river).

Location & How to Reach Yamunotri Temple

There are no motorable roads directly to Yamunotri and tourists and pilgrims have to halt at Janki Chatti which is the last place accessible by vehicles on this route. From Janki Chatti, pilgrims are required to trek 6 kms uphill in order to reach the Yamunotri temple. Dehradun has the nearest railway station, 171 kms away while Jolly Grant in Dehradun is the nearest airport at a distance of 197 kms. 

For the adventure souls, there are two different trekking routes from Hanuman Chatti, some 13 kilometres away from the Yamunotri temple. One route goes along the right bank of the river via Markandeya Tirtha while second route lies on the left bank of the river and goes via Kharsali.  Since Janki Chatti is shorter trek, majority of pilgrims prefer that route.


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What is Yamunotri Temple famous for?

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