Jankichatti, Photo: Sanjay Rawat (Facebook)

Jankichatti FAQs

Jankichatti is famous as Pilgrimage, Others, Char Dham Route, Villages, . Nearest Airport from Jankichatti is and Nearest Railway Station is . There are over 3 Hotels in Jankichatti.

There are lot of questions while planning a journey. To ensure that your preparations run smoothly, we have the answers to the questions most frequently asked about travelling to and in Jankichatti. Jankichatti useful information for travellers with reliable local advice. Latest Jankichatti Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for your upcoming visit to Jankichatti. Get all the solutions to your query with eUttaranchal Travel Help Desk.


Where is Jankichatti?

Janki Chatti is surrounded by mountains on all sides and lies in close proximity to the Indo-China border. It is situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state.

What is the best time to visit Jankichatti?

The best time to visit Janki Chatti is May, June, Sept, Oct and November.

Can I visit Jankichatti by personal vehicle?

Yes, you can visit Janki Chatti in your own car. It is well connected with motorable roads.

How much time it will take to trek Yamunotri Temple from Jankichatti?

If you physically fit, you can reach Yamunotri Temple from Jankichatti in 2.5hrs to 3hrs.

What is the distance between Jankichatti to Yamunotri Temple?

Yamunotri Temple is situated at a distance of 5 kms from Jankichatti.

What are the nearest airport and railway stations from Jankichatti?

Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport and Dehradun Railway Station is the nearest railway station for Jankichatti in Uttarakhand.

What are the things to keep in mind while traveling to Jankichatti?

Jankichatti is a holy town which holds deep religious significance to devotees. Please respect the place by refraining from alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

What is the altitude of Jankichatti?

Jankichatti is situated at an altitude of 2650 mts above the sea level.

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