Lakhudiyar Rock Painting

About Lakhudiyar Rock Painting

The Lakhudiyar Walls located in the Barechhina village of the Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is a marvelous piece of history that is preserved in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. It depicts the life of the early man during the times of Stone Age. The Lakhudiyar is located at the banks of the Suyal River in Almora. These caves have the paintings of animals, humans and also tectiforms done with fingers in black, red and white. It has become a historical sight and also a piece of history to be preserved as it is an archaeological rock for India.

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In Barechhina village of AlmoraIt has two historic painted rock & caves

Lakhudiyar Rock Painting in Almora

History of the Lakhudiyar Rock Painting & Caves

Lakhudiyar is not much of a cave but more of rock shelters which were the rescue spots of the early man which was used by them to save them from the harsh climate. These rock shelters are said to be named Lakhudiyar as they are nearly millions of year old. These walls depict the life and the surroundings of the early man. Today these paintings provide a sneak peek into the life of early man. There are also the images of the weapons that were used by these people in the early times.

The Lakhudiyar Printed Walls

The Lakhudiyar printed walls have many pictures which are drawn on these rocks. The pictures are mostly generic drawings of people and animals. On one side of the wall is the painting of people who have been shown performing a mass dance in a group of 34 people on one side and 28 people on the other. The paintings give a glimpse of the type of life the people had in Uttarakhand in early ages.

These pictures also depicted the clothes and pet animals that were domesticated in those times. There are other geometrical figures painted on the Lakhudiyar Walls which provide somewhat relevant information of history to the archaeologists. These pictures are mainly painted in red, black, white and whitish color. There are other places that are located near the Lakhudiyar Rock Shelters which are similar to Lakhudiyar. Some of these are Farkanauli, Petshaal located nearby Lakhudiyar and these too represent the life of the early men.

Location of Lakhudiyar Rock Painting

Lakhudiyar Rock Painting is located in In Barechhina village of Almora ( It has two historic painted rock & caves).

Location & How to Reach Lakhudiyar Rock Painting

Lakhudiyar is situated in Barechhina village of the Almora district in Uttarakhand. This village is about 19km far from mail Almoda city. After reaching at Almora, you can do your further travel by sharing Tata Sumos & local buses.

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What is Lakhudiyar Rock Painting famous for?

Lakhudiyar Rock Painting is popular place for following activities/ interests - Historical.

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