Rahu Temple, Photo: Akash Gusain

Rahu Temple

About Rahu Temple

Rahu Temple is situated in the lap of the Himalayas in of Uttarakhand. Rahu Mandir of Paithani village is the beauty of Sanatani culture that the God worshipped in it, as well as Demons or Asuras in the same sense. Rahu Temple in Paithani village can be the only temple in the whole country where Rahu is worshipped.

Paithani Village, Pauri150 km from Kotdwar and 46 km from district headquarter of Pauri
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Rahu Temple in Pauri

Rahu Temple in Paithani village in Pauri is the only temple of Rahu where people visit throughout the year to worshiped Rahu with Lord Shiva. In this temple of Rahu, pilgrims offer Moong ki Khichdi as Prashad to Rahu.

According to the local peoples, it is said that Adi Shankaracharya built this temple. When he visits this place he realized the influence of Rahu in this area of Paithani village of Pauri. After this, he started the construction of the Rahu Mandir in Paithani Village.

History and Mythology about Rahu Temple

In the Kedarkhand of 'Skand Purana' it is mentioned that at the confluence of Rath Vahini and Nawalika River, the foothills of Rashtrakuta Mountains, Rahu had done severe penance of Lord Shiva, which led to the establishment of Rahu Mandir. It is called Rathkshetra, which is named after Rashtrakuta mountain. Also due to Rahu's gotra "Paithinasi", this village was later named Paithani.

Location & How to Reach Rahu Temple

Rahu Temple is situated at the confluence of the rivers Seoligad and Nawalika in Paithani village of Thalisain block in Pauri Garhwal District. It is located at a distance of 150 km from Kotdwar and 46 km from district headquarter of Pauri.

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What is Rahu Temple famous for?

Rahu Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Hill Station, Pilgrimage, Temples, View Points, Weekend Getaway.

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