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About Starscapes Observatory Bhimtal

Starscapes Observatory Bhimtal is the second public observatory from Starscapes. Starscapes Observatory is located next to the Hanuman Mandir on the Bhimtal – Naukuchiatal Main Road, the location is just 3km from the Bhimtal lake, and less than 1km from the Naukuchiatal Lake.

Note: Starscapes was earlier known as Stargate.

Dungsil Malla, NaukuchiatalNear Hanuman Mandir, Naukuchiatal Road
Paid Entry

The Night Sky Show- 500 INR per head

The Sun – Our Closest Star- 200 INR per head

Selfie with the Stars- 1000 INR per head

Astro-photography in a Hurry- 5000 INR per head

Star Party- 10000 INR per head

The Stargate Exclusive Show- 10000 INR per head

1 hr 30 mins
5:00 am
11:00 pm

Starscapes Observatory Bhimtal in Bhimtal

Starscapes Observatory is situated in a place that is famous for adventure sports and paragliding experiences, and since it is slightly away from Bhimtal Lake, it presents a clear dark sky for you to completely immerse yourself into.

Activities at the Starscapes Observatory Bhimtal

  • Sun Show – Day show where you can see sunspots
  • Stellarium – a Planetarium Experience
  • Night Sky Show – Moon, the planets, and deep-sky objects
  • Astrophotography workshops
  • Space & Astronomy Museum
  • Stargazing Safaris

Places of Interest at Starscapes Observatory, Bhimtal

The Night Sky Show

The Night Sky show at Starscapes Observatory in Bhimtal offers you to view the Moon and the Planets through a state-of-the-art telescope. Observe the texture of the surface of the Moon, ridden with craters. Try and spot the four Galilean Moons of Jupiter. And revel in the magnificence of Saturn’s rings. 

All this while you learn about the stars, constellations, and deep-sky objects. Our StarGuide will take you on a journey through the heavens, and you will leave with memories you will treasure all your life.

Duration: 45 minutes per show
Seats: 20 per show

The Sun – Our Closest Star

Explore the sun in all its glory, through our telescope specially fitted with solar filters. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of sunspots. And, who knows, maybe even a solar flare!

Duration: 30 minutes per show
Seats:20 per slot

The Stellarium Show

Free during the day? While you cannot see stars now (apart from the Sun, of course), catch a primer about the Night Sky at our Museum. The Star Guide will take you on a virtual journey through the heavens, where you will learn how to spot and identify different stars, constellations, and other objects in the Night Sky. It is a good way to set up your night’s journey and serves as good preparation for it.

Duration: 30 min
Seats: 20 per show

Selfie with the Stars

A good experience can be better remembered if you can capture it as a memory. While you get to see the stars through the telescope, you’ll also have the option of a Photo-op with them! Curated by our astrophotographers, you will be able to take back with you a photo of yourself with your favourite stars or constellations. Just ask for it when you visit our observatory.

Duration: 30 min

Astrophotography is a Hurry

Don’t have time for long exposures and detailed processing? Fret not. In this session, we’ll teach you how to take images of the Milky Way and the Night Sky with your smartphone and your DSLR in a quick 2-hour workshop.

Duration: 2 hours
Seats: 15 per session

Star Party

Enjoy a whole evening with your loved ones under the stars. You will get your own private Night Sky Show, and one selfie with the Starry Sky. The whole experience will be at a remote location in the mountains, where we will travel with all the necessary equipment and, of course, food and beverages. Book 7 days in advance for this.

The Stargate Exclusive Show

This is a personalized show done upon special booking in advance. Here, you’ll get to see the best night sky objects visible in the night sky at this time of the year, through our telescope. This is a private show held exclusively for you, with the whole observatory and the StarGuide at your beck and call for the entire night! Get in touch with us to learn more.

Star Shop

Astronomy and Space science Curio Shop

You can browse at the shop for telescopes, binoculars, and a range of astronomy and science learning and fun products.

Facilities at Starscapes Observatory, Bhimtal

  • Parking 
  • Restroom
  • Restaurant & Cafe 

What is Starscapes Observatory Bhimtal famous for?

Starscapes Observatory Bhimtal is popular place for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Kids & family spots , Observatory, OffBeat, Research Centres, View Points.

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