Tapovan Hiranyagarbha Art Gallery

About Tapovan Hiranyagarbha Art Gallery

The doors of Tapovan Hiranyagarbha Art Gallery and Yoga Meditation center opened for those who love Himalayas, nature and culture. The Art Gallery and Yoga Meditation Center at Gangotri Dham in Uttarkashi was inaugurated by CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. For those who want to feel the Himalayas up close, this art gallery is like heaven.

This art gallery have a thousand photographs of Himalayan caves, valleys, its culture and folk life. The creation of the art gallery is credited to the famous photographer and ascetic Swami Sundaranand. This art gallery will feature the changes in Gangotri Valley in last 72 years.

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Tapovan Hiranyagarbha Art Gallery in Gangotri

Tapovan Hiranyagarbha Art Gallery of Swami Sundaranand Ji was launched in Gangotri Dham on 13th September, 2019 by Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat accompanied by other senior ministers. This Art gallery is the result of recorded changes in the Himalayas and the Ganges in the past seven decades and the rich culture of the mountains.

The art gallery has over 50 thousand photographs of Gaumukh and Gangotri glacier. The changes in the Gangotri region during the 70 years can be seen in these pictures.

 Uttarakhand Tourism: Tapovan Hiranyagarbha Art Gallery in Gangotri

About Swami Sundaranand

Born in the year 1926 in Anantapuram village in Nellore district of undivided Andhra Pradesh, Swami Sundaranand was wooed by the mountains since childhood.  Even after going to Anantapuram, Nellore and Chennai for studies, Swami Sundaranan could only study up to the fourth grade. In the year 1947, he left home and reached Gangotri in the year 1948.

Baba was fond of trekking and mountaineering. Swami Sundaranand along with his seven companions went to the Kalindikhal trek in 1955. During this, a sudden snowstorm occurred but they were successful in getting out of the storm along with their peers. After this incident, he decided to capture different forms of Himalayas into the camera. He has taken more than 50 thousand 
photos of Gaumukh and Gangotri glacier only. Swami Sundaranand has also seen the changes in Gomukh during 70 years.

In 2002, he wrote a book on Himalaya philosophy "Through the lens of a Sadhu". The book was released by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Through the art gallery, he has given a huge gift to the Himalayan lovers.

 Uttarakhand Tourism: Swami Sundaranand in Art Gallery
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