Gartang Gali, Photo: Shalini Naudiyal

Gartang Gali

About Gartang Gali

Gartang Gali is situated at a distance of 90 km from Uttarkashi. Gartang Gali bridge was built in 150 years ago, which was closed since 1962. 

This wooden step bridge route named Gartang Gali was closed after the Indo-China war, but now it was neing opened for tourists. Pathans who came from Peshawar built this bridge 150 years ago at an height of 11000 ft.

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Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand90 kms from Uttarkashi
Restricted Entry

Gartang Gali in Uttarkashi

Gartang Gali 136 m long bridge is now renovated at a cost of 64 lakh rupees. Before independence, the Tibet track was built through Uttarkashi via Nelang Valley for trade with Tibet. The track had prepared by burying an iron rod and laying wood over it in the steep cliff area near Bhaiaghati.

Gartang Gali bridge offers an exciting view of the Nelong Valley. Initially there was trade between India and Tibet through this bridge. Range officer of Gangotri National Park Mr. Pratap Singh Panwar, has said that the area is rich in flora and wildlife and rare animals such as snow leopard and Himalayan Blue Sheep.

Gartang Gali is now open for tourists

Importance of Gartang Gali

In Gadtang Gali near Bhairav valley, a wooden terraced track has been made by cutting the steep rocks. It was connected in ancient times to the village Jadung, Nelang, living in the frontier area, through foot route from Harshil area. Local people also used to trade with Tibet through this route. The army also used this route to monitor the border.

Gartang Gali is one of the oldest trade routes from where wool, jaggery and spices etc. are sent. Such trade and related activities were a source of livelihood for the Bhutia community in Uttarkashi.

Gartang Gali is a very narrow and risky road. The closure after the Indo-China war of 1962 caused it to become dilapidated due to lack of care. Gartang Gali Bridge has been a tourist attraction since the commencement of tourism activities in Nelang Valley. Now the government is going to make it a tourist destination.

Gartang Gali Travel Guidelines (Do's and Don'ts)

  • Tourist must register themselves at the Check Post of Bhairavghati
  • Travellers must follow the Covid Guidelines
  • A maximum of 10 people will walk at a time by maintaining a distance of one meter for the traffic in the track. 
  • There is a ban on jumping and dancing on the track.
  • It will be forbidden to sit and travel by flocking in the track.
  • It is forbidden to peep down from the railing of the track for safety's sake. 
  • Smoking and carrying other inflammable substances in the track area is prohibited.

Note: Gartang Gali is also written as Gadtang gali, tang gali, Garh Tang Gali

What is Gartang Gali famous for?

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