Biking, Uttarakhand

Top Biking and Cycling Destinations in Uttarakhand

Mountain biking in Uttarakhand is an adventure activity that has recently growing in popularity among the adventure seekers in India. With undulating hills and rugged terrain Uttarakhand offers an ideal setting for off-road biking in Uttarakhand using specially designed mountain bikes. Some of the popular form of mountain biking are downhill, trail riding, cross country and Enduro.

Hearing the name of biking every adventurous person will think of places like Leh-Ladakh but Uttarakhand’s valley are also interesting for bikers with some amazing adventurous roads and lakes. Enjoy the cycling in Uttarakhand with some amazing views of valleys, rivers and Himalayas.

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Adventure sports in Uttarakhand are gaining mainstream popularity and mountain biking or Cycling is new to this addition. Off-road biking can be best expected in the vicinity of Rishikesh where one could ride uphill on their bikes. There are many biking trails near Almora and Binsar. Additionally, Nelong valley offers rugged terrain to ride while Malari offers some of the best cross countries.

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As adventure sports in India are gaining popularity, mountain biking has also made its presence felt among adventure tourists and thrill-seekers. There are many Uttarakhand tour packages that are specially curated for thrill-seekers and include mountain biking among other adventure activities.

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