Best Places for Bike Rides in Dehradun

The beautiful city of Dehradun has many things to offer to people. The pleasant climate of the city, the mouth-watering food delights, and the incredible destinations serve as a retreat to anyone who wishes to get away from the routine of everyday life and spruce up their life.

While traveling in a taxi and local transport isn’t a bad option, the best way to capture the true essence of Dehradun is by travelling in bikes it is the best biking route in Uttarakhand and other two-wheelers. Why did you ask? 

Two-wheelers can enter where taxis and public transports can’t and also, the roads of Dehradun are apt for two-wheelers. The roads are smooth and you’ll find amazing shortcuts through the lanes that’ll save more than half of your time. 

The destinations that we have mentioned below are places with open spaces with a scenic travel route in and around Dehradun.

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Best places for bike rides in Dehradun

1. Shahastradhara

Literally meaning “thousand-fold spring”, Shahastradhara is a natural sulfur water spring located 15 km from the Clock Tower. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, Shahastradhara contains multiple stepwise water pools that are high in sulphur and perfect for taking a dip during hot weather. There are small waterfalls and caves around which is fun to explore which makes it the best place for cycling in Dehradun.  The route leading to Shahastradhara is smooth and enjoyable. A ride to Shahastradhara completely freshens up your mind and any tiredness can be cleared by taking a dip in the clear springs.

2. Maldevta Dehradun

Surrounded by mountains and thick forests, Maldevta is one of the famous picnic spots of Dehradun. The scenic beauty along with peaceful River Song serves as a perfect respite from the busy lives. Located about 14 km from Clock Tower, Maldevta is a getaway that you cannot miss. While exploring the place, you can also visit the famous Maldevta Temple. It is one of the best places for bike ride from Dehradun.

3. Purkul Road

Riding through Rajpur Road towards Pacific Mall, you’ll reach the famous Mussoorie Diversion. From there, take the Mussoorie Road on the left and you’ll come across Purkul Road which lies ahead of Malsi Deer Park (now Dehradun Zoo). The scenic Purkul Road offers one of the best views of the valley below that makes it best place for cycling in Dehradun. Throughout your ride, you’ll be accompanied by cool winds and a soothing environment. There are many places to eat on your way to Purkul Road. You can eat while relishing the beautiful views. Guniyal Gaon is a serene village that you must not miss on this ride. Purkul Road is just 10 km from Clock Tower.

4. Old Mussoorie road

Rajpur Road is one of the best roads for a ride. When you ride across Rajpur Road, take the straight road from Mussoorie Diversion. You’ll come across one more diversion at Dhakpatti. The road leading to the left from there is the Old Mussoorie Road.

Whether you want some peace of mind or some fun times with friends, Old Mussoorie Road is the perfect getaway. Ride through the exciting tracks while enjoying the beauty of the mountains. And there are exceptional cafes which serve you delicious food to keep you happy all day long.

5. Robbers Cave

Famous as “Guchhupani”, is a natural river cave located about 9 km from Clock Tower. The 600 m long cave is one of the prime attractions of Dehradun. Relaxing in the underground water that springs up naturally is a perfect way to beat the summer heat. Moreover, climbing through the rock formations to get to the interior of the caves is an adventure in itself.

There are many routes through which you can reach Robbers Cave. You can take the scenic Rajpur Road and reach Robbers Cave from the left of Malsi Deer Park or you can take the route that goes via Bindal Police Chowki. This route passes through the Army area and the route is well maintained and surrounded by trees. It is the best biking route in Uttarakhand. There is also another route that passes through Garhi Cantt. Choose the route that best suits you and enjoy the beautiful ride to Robbers Cave.

6. Thano Road

Thano Road is a picturesque road surrounded by dense forests going towards Thano Range. The route is one of the best routes for two-wheelers. The road is located about 20 km from Clock Tower ahead of Raipur Cricket Stadium, en route Jolly Grant Airport. If you are riding to Thano Road, don’t forget to carry a good camera because you wouldn’t be able to resist to click pictures with the stunning view in the background. On your ride, you will come across the famous “Lovers Bridge” which is one of the most photographed places on Thano Road.

7. Forest Research Institute

Located 7 km from Clock Tower, Forest Research Institute (FRI) is a premier research institute of Dehradun. The FRI campus is a scenic one with a long stretch of roads leading to the main building of the campus. There are many diversions of the road which leads to different sections of the institute. The roads are well paved with tall trees alongside them. There are many different species of trees and flowers throughout the campus and riding across the beautiful scenery is a delight that makes it one of the best places for bike riding in Dehradun. You can sit in one of the parks there while admiring the beauty of your surroundings.

8. Daat Kali Mandir

Dedicated to Goddess Kali, Daat Kali Mandir is a significant temple visited by the people of Uttarakhand. Located 15 km from Clock Tower in Shahranpur Road, the route leading to Daat Kali Mandir is full of nature’s surprises. The temple is surrounded by dense forests and is a peaceful place to visit.

9. Asan Barrage

Asan Barrage is a barrage in the Uttarakhand-Himachal Pradesh border region, situated at the confluence of the Eastern Yamuna Canal and the Asan River. Asan Barrage has located 43 km from Clock Tower and the ride is totally worth it. You’ll find a large number of endangered birds here and you can engage in various water sports like boating, rowing, kayaking, and canoeing here. 

10. Santla Devi Temple

Located near Jaitunwala on the right bank of Nun Nadi, Santla Devi Temple is a pious shrine that is situated on a cliff at an altitude of 2,083 m and is located at a distance of 12 km from Clock Tower. You will reach Santla Devi after passing through Garhi Cantt and Punjabiwala Village. The road is scenic and enjoyable. After reaching Santla Devi, you can either enjoy the scenic beauty or climb 2 km ahead and visit the temple. Santla Devi is an ideal spot for picnics.

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