Nanda Devi Temples, Uttarakhand

Nanda Devi Temples in Uttarakhand

Famous Nanda Devi Temples in Uttarakhand

Nanda Devi, the patron Goddess of Garhwal and Kumaon region is worshipped in all over Uttarakhand. Many religious fairs including the pompous Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra, a pilgrimage and festival is celebrated with great fervour in Uttarakhand. If you want to appease Goddess Nanda then you can visit some of these ancient Nanda Devi temples in Uttarakhand. So come have a deeper look to drench in the celestial aura of the famous Nanda Devi Temples in Uttarakhand.

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Nanda Devi Munsiyari

Nanda Devi Munsiyari
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Nanda Devi Temple Almora

Nanda Devi Temple Almora
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