Activities In Mussoorie

There are many things you can do in Mussoorie and its nearby areas like Buranskhanda. Buranskhanda is famous for adventure zone like:

Sky Bridge Adventure

This is the longest hanging adventure bridge in India made by wire ropes and bamboos having length of 300 ft and height 80 ft. It will cost you around 300 per person. It has a capacity of 25 persons at a time. You just harnessed and attached with your supporting wire rope and cross this hanging bridge with the support of your hands.

1. Sky Walk Adventure

Walking upon a 360 ft long single wire rope at the height of 120 ft free hand gives you a new thrill and feeling of Dare Devils. You just attached on supporting wire rope with the help of a harness and then walking on air upon a single wire rope without any hand support. It will cost you around 600 per person.

2. Valley Crossing

Crossing the valley of 110 ft. height with the help of a pulley by pulling your own hand is a tough guy sport. You have harnessed and tied up on the rope with pulley then you have to cross 360 ft. long and 120 ft. deep valley with the help of your hand by pulling the rope as a commando. The more you pulled the rope the more you crossed the valley.

3. Zip Swing Adventure

This activity gives you the fun and thrill of both Zip line and Giant Swing at the height of 80 ft. After harnessed and attached with wire rope first you go by zipping on wire rope and then reaching at the middle we make you swing high at 80 ft and then return back.

4. Rock Climbing Adventure

Rocks climbing is divided in various height zones like 50 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft, 300 ft to 600 ft you can choose the height according to your body choice and guts. It will cost you around 500 per person.

5. Paragliding

This is the real adventure starts from Dhanaulti and Mussoorie Lake. There are many paragliding points with a different cost and height. You can choose the point according to your body strength.

6. Nature Walk

From the Mall road area, you will find diversions to several interesting walks, bringing you right into the lap of nature. Some of the most popular options are Cloud End, George Everest, Landour, The Barlowganj area, Hathipaon, etc. Natures walk to refresh your mood.

7. Roller Skating

The youngsters will love to explore the numerous skating rings in Mussoorie. The resort Jaypee Residency Manorhouses an open-air skating ring offers you the ‘Disco Skating Rink’ behind the Tourist Office in Mussoorie.

8. Boating

Mussoorie Lake is one of the most popular picnic spots in the area, offers you a boating facility, with a marvelous view of surrounding valleys forming the backdrop. Then, you can also go for boating in Lake Mist, a newly developed picnic spot that is situated about 5 km before the Kempty falls, on the Mussoorie-Kempty road.

9. Trekking

Mussoorie and its nearby area is also well known for trekking, some of the famous trekking spots are Nagtibba and Dhanaulti, located about 28 kilometers from Mussoorie, is a scenic location clothed in beautiful deodar and oak trees and is a great place to go hiking, especially in one of the two eco parks here.

10. Village Walk

Find what lies unrequited in the glorious hills of Mussoorie by having a comforting village walk through the serrated paths. If you want to elevate your village walk experience then head towards Bhatoli a sublime village nestled near the famous Kempty Falls. Crediting its unique name to ‘Corn’ or ‘Bhutta’ that can be seen dangling outside the beautifully carved wooden doors, Bhatoli offers the feeling of living in a traditional Garhwal village. You can admire the rustic beauty of the 100-year-old traditional Pahadi house, walk through the lush fields, savour the quietude or communicate with the friendly locals.

11. Photography

Hailed for its calm and composed surroundings, Mussoorie has always been a muse for the photographers. The kaleidoscopic hills serve as a natural canvas for the avid shutterbugs who flee here to capture the stunning beauty of this mystical hill station. If you are an avid photographer then do visit Mussoorie during mid-October to January to capture the magical orange-mauve winter line, at sunset.

12. Visit Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

A treat for the wildlife lovers, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary harbouring vivid flora-fauna is located about 11 km from the Library Point in Mussoorie. Surrounded by the old pines and cedar trees, the Benog sanctuary is a home to several elusive birds like White Capped Water Redstart and Red-Billed Blue Magpie to name a few. The visitors can also savour admirable views of the snow-capped Chaukhamba and Banderpunch peaks from here.

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