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Skiing & Snowboarding Equipments on Rent in Auli

Renting skiing and snowboarding equipment in Auli is the best idea to enjoy skiing in Auli with some well-maintained equipment. Renting equipment is great as well as less expensive than purchasing your own equipment. According to some ski and snowboard experts / Instructors, having the correct equipment that is well maintained makes a massive difference to your skiing experience and enjoyment.

Rent skiing and snowboarding equipment in Auli at an affordable price. In Auli, there are many options for renting ski equipment. Many local shops offer rental equipment packages. One advantage of renting equipment from local shops is that you can pick up the best-fitted equipment according to your shape and size. You also can rent your equipment online in advance.

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Here is the list of some important skiing and snowboarding equipment given below:-

1) Alpine Skiing Equipments

Runner for Alpine skiing

Price:- Rs 550/ Day.

Include:- Sticks, Boots, and Ski Runner.

Auli is the best place for Alpine skiing in Uttarakhand. It offers beautiful snow-covered hills and slopes for Alpine Skiing. Alpine Skiing is also known as downhill skiing, it is a winter sport or snow sport activity of sliding down on a snow-covered slope. 

Equipment used by individuals in Alpine skiing i.e. sliding down from the snow-covered hills or mountains is known as Alpine Skiing Equipments. These Alpine Skiing Equipment include Sticks, Ski Runner, and Boots.

 It is not mandatory to use helmets in most of the alpine skiing spots. GMVN also provides modern and well-maintained skiing equipment. Participants are advised to bring heavy woolen clothes like socks, mufflers, caps, gloves, trousers, dark glasses, etc.

Ski sticks

Sticks for Alpine skiing

Ski sticks are also known as ski poles which are used by the skiers for rhythm, accuracy, support timing, and balance. It is usually made up of fiberglass, aluminium, carbon fiber, or a combination of the three. Ski poles/sticks can vary in design.

Ski Boot

Boots for Alpine Skiing

Ski boots are robust footwear which is developed for skiing that offers protection against jolts and bumps as well as injury from ski edges and other external things. It encloses the foot firmly, while at the same time allowing the movement necessary for skiing techniques.

2) Snowboarding


Price:- Rs 800/ Day.

Include:- Runner and Boots

Snowboarding in Auli is a famous activity in Uttarakhand. Auli offers the perfect snow-cladded slopes for the best Snowboarding experience in Uttarakhand. Auli is a popular destination for winter sports. Snowboarding is a popular winter sport all over the world. 

In this, a participant rides on a snow-covered slope with the help of some modern equipment which includes a specially designed snowboard and boots.


Snowboard is the basic equipment for snowboarding and it is used for sliding over the snow-filled surface. A snowboard is usually made up of a hardwood core that is sandwiched between multiple layers of fiberglass. Other elements like Kevlar, carbon fiber, aluminum are also used for making snowboards. 

There are many types of snowboard available in the market such as as- freestyle boards, alpine boards, and freeride boards.


The boots which are used in snowboarding activity are generally soft plastic boots except in the case of alpine snowboarding. In alpine snowboarding, hard plastic boots are used. The first function of these boots is to pass the rider’s motion energy to the snowboard. 

There are three types of boots are used for snowboarding which are hard boots, step-in boots, and standard boots.

3) Nordic (Ski Touring)

Nordic Ski Touring

Price:- Rs 1350/ Day.

Include:- Runner, Sticks and Boots

Nordic ski touring is a style of skiing that goes off-trail or off-piste in undulating valleys and less steep mountains. It is a light touring skis which are an evolution of classic cross country skis with the same free heel binding but usually slightly wider in shape giving the wearer added sturdiness and support when they venture onto ungroomed paths. 

Nordic ski touring is done with the help of some Nordic ski touring equipment which includes runners, boots, and sticks. Nordic ski touring usually takes you over snowfields that's why it is different from telemark and alpine touring. This can include husky sledding, ski joering as well as snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.


Most of the leader of Nordic Ski leaders prefer the three-pin binding, that consists of a metal or plastic plate that the front of the boot fits into, 3 holes in the front of the toe fit over 3 pins on the plate, and the top of the plate locks down to hold the toe in place. It should have a hole to attach a ski retention strap.


Strong boots with good ankle support are best for Nordic ski touring. Some lift-assisted telemarking boots actually have a plastic cuff similar to Alpine downhill boots. Randonee boots are Alpine boots.

4) Snowshoeing


Price:- Rs 1100/ Day.

Include:- Runner and Boots

Snowshoeing is a type of hiking activity of walking over the snow with the help of some equipment that includes boots and snowshoes that distribute the weight over a larger area. The reason for this design is to achieve something called floatation, a quality that prevents the foot from sinking into the snow. 

This activity is growing fast, it is a great hobby for those who like to explore snowy places and can often be combined with other activities like skiing, glacier hiking, snowboarding, and mountaineering. It is a great way to hike through pristine powder snow.


Snowshoes come in different types for the terrain and boots and other gear should match specific snowshoe models.

5) Clothing

Trouser for skiing and snowboarding.

Price:- Rs 800/ Day.

Include:- Jacket and Ski Trouser.

You should wear clothes that will keep you warm and dry during ski and snowboarding activities. That’s especially important if you end up falling a couple of times as many beginners do. We highly recommend staying away from wearing cotton clothing (jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc.) next to your skin, because it will absorb sweat and snow and make you cold. 

That's why wool or acrylic socks are better than cotton socks. Wear one thin pair. There are many shops in Auli which provide you the best clothes for rent for skiing and snowboarding activities.

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