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"Queen of the Hills" as it has been known since the British regime, Mussoorie is an enchanting hill station situated at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas. If offers a mesmerizing view of the Doon valley and Shivalik ranges.

 Popular touristic destinations, Mussoorie also offers pubs, bars, and lounge for the tipsy crowd where one can relax and enjoy his favorite drink. Here we have listed some of the famous and best Mussoorie Bars.

List of Best Bars in Mussoorie


With an ambiance of the colonial era, this bar takes you back in time when the place was graced by Nabha rulers and the elegance is still maintained. Enjoy your favorite drink sitting inside this pleasant bar. One can locate this bar at The Claridges Nabha Residence near Airfield Barlowgunj, Mussoorie.


Always been a favorite destination since the British era, the colonial influence can be seen not only at Mussoorie but at Woody Barrel bar as well. The old-world charm is still visible with the quaint décor and furnishing. The best part, it serves all brands of alcohol. Situated at Golden Palm Resorts and Spa Sylverton, The Mall Road, Kulari.


Well known among the regulars, Tapas Lounge Bar provides a calm ambiance where one can enjoy his favorite drink along with soulful live music performance. The bar also has a sprawling terrace if the light breeze is what you like to have with your whiskey. Find this lunge bar at Jaypee Manor near Barlowganj, Mussoorie.


This lounge bar is where you can just recline, relax and taste the blend of your favorite whiskey and enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains. They serve all the major brands of alcohol. One can find this bar at Hotel Madhuban Highlands, Gandhi Chowk.


Overlooking the mesmerizing Doon Valley, Dickens Bar is one of the favorite hangout places for the evening crowd. The interiors give a hint of the colonial English décor and the ambiance is calm and pleasant. The bar is well stocked with myriad brands of alcohol from all over the world.


This restaurant-cum-bar is a good place to relax and enjoy a drink or two with friends. The lip-smacking food is also catered to satisfy your tipsy taste buds. This tavern is located at Picture Palace near Kulri, Mall Road.

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