Restaurants & Cafes in Mussoorie

Whenever we go anywhere for our holidays we always look for a restaurant with good quality of food along with good hygiene. In Mussoorie you can find out many restaurants like South Indian, Chinese, and Non vegetarian restaurants along with bar. The names of the restaurants are:

  • Little Llama Cafe: This place is close to Picture Palace and on way to Landaur. A quiet small cafe with fabulous food like mutton burgers, juicy pepperoni pizzas, delectable Berry shakes etc. It is located at near Union Church, Picture Palace, Kulri.
  • Cafe by the way: This is the place where you can have the best coffee in Mussoorie with an excellent ambiance to sit. The coffee served is very rich and amazing in taste. It is at Mall road, Mussoorie.
  • Kalsang: Its ambience is very attractive and appealing with red printed wallpapers, Tibetan prayer flags, Chinese ceiling lamps and red-uniformed staff will make you feel warm and welcomed. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mussoorie. It serves delicious food like Chicken Thukpa, Mutton Shaptak, momo soup called Mokthuk, and Lamen (fried noodles) etc. It is at Mall road, near SBI Bank, Mussoorie.
  • Chic chocolate: It’s a restaurant cum cafe with a lot of wrought iron furniture, colored tiles and food boards. They have their speciality at Kit Kat shake, thin pizza, chocolate waffles, nachos, fruit cream, chocolate shakes and more. They also made home-made chocolates that are available to taste and to sell. It is at Mall road.
  • Agarwal vegetarian: Here you can eat pure vegetarian food like south Indian, paav bhaji, cholley bature, parathas etc. It is at Mall road which is very convenient for everyone to find out this restaurant.
  • Cafe de Tavern: Its menu has a wide range of food and a beautiful selection of drinks. They serve best Pizza's n pasta's in Mussoorie. They also have a bar inside. It is at Mall road near Library Chowk.
  • Lovely Omelet Centre: Here omelets are available in various flavors like masala, cheese, chocolate etc. They have their specialty in omelet making. Its name for its taste is also mention in Genis book of the world. It is at Mall road.
  • Char Dukkan Lal Tibba: It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the mall road near St. Paul Church, Laal Tibba. There are many things you should try at Char Dukan omelets, banana Nutella pancakes, cinnamon waffles, chocolate waffles, crisp French fries and cold coffee.
  • Casa Mia Bakery: Casa Mia has a dazzling range of croissants, cakes, muffins, apple pies and frozen drinks. The prices are affordable by everyone. It is at Mall Road, a few steps before Kalsang and after Cafe by the Way.
  • Emilys Restaurant: Emily is known for serving great continental and Indian breakfasts, lunch and dinner. It is located next to Himalayan Weavers, Landour Cantonment. This place is quite popular with tourists as well as the locals for their delicious and the service is quite prompt.
  • Green Restaurant: It is a vegetarian restaurant that serves delightful Indian and Chinese vegetarian dishes. There is nothing too fancy about the restaurant, yet the ambiance is pleasing. The quality of the food is top notch and the service is good. It is near Kulri, Mall road.
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