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About Bijrani

Bijrani Range is located close to Amdanda Gate anear Ramnagar. Visitors can have higher probablity of tiger sighting during Bijrani Safari. Wildlife, grasslands and dense, deep forest with stormy drains are major attraction of Bijrani wildlife zone.

In Corbett National ParkBijrani is a range/Zone or part of Corbett National Park which is near to Amdanda Gate. It is near to Ramnagar town
2 kms / 4 mins
From Corbett Safari Booking Center, Ramnagar
Paid Entry

Known for the diverse wildlife and amazing vegetation, Bijrani Zone is one of highest wildlife populated range of Corbett National Park.

4 hr

Bijrani in Corbett National Park

A favourite spot for shooting in British era, Bijrani range is still a hot spot for wildlife lovers. Bijrani Range has core, buffer and tourism zone. Tourists are allowed to visit only tourism zone which atarts after 5 km from Amdanda Gate. Forest Rest House FRH Bijrani is available for night stay at Bijrani Range. Visitors can take jeep and elephant safari at Bijrani. It is recommended to pre-book Safari at Ramnagar office. Bijrani Zone is open for visitors from 15 October to 15 June. Only two safari are operated during a day in Bijrani zone.

Jeep Safari At Bijrani Zone

Bijrani safari zone of Jim Corbett national park is a famous tourist spot of Corbett National Park. Bijrani safari is known for having a good number of resorts at Corbett National Park. It has a rich population of tigers and offers the most beautiful view of its visitor. 

Jungle Safari can be experienced in the morning or in the evening, but only out of core areas. A limited number of vehicles are allowed on a particular path so that the habitat of wildlife can never get disturbed.

Bijrani Zone - Winter Safari Timings

Entry TimeExit Time
Morning Safari:07:00 am10:00 am
Evening Safari:02:00 pm05:30 pm
Bijrani Zone - Summer Safari Timings
 Entry TimeExit Time
Morning Safari:06:00 am09:30 am
Evening Safari:03:00 pm06:30 pm

Accommodation at Bijrani Zone

Bijrani zone has the most of the tiger population. There are  two Forest Rest House to stay inside this zone where the most of tiger  sightings happen. There is no electricity so the power sockets are not working  but Light and Fans work properly in the night for limited hours, running hot  water is also available, food is average and served at KMVN canteen. The two  Forest Rest House here are named as Bijrani (FRH) and Malani (FRH).

Bijrani (FRH)

Bijrani FRH is built in 1930’s  which is situated at he edge of the core zone of the Jim Corbett National Park.  This small FRH named after the Malani sot (stream) offers one of the most  picturesque surroundings and a quiet ambience. It has a KMVN canteen and Aamdanda  gate is the entry point for this forest rest house. This is one of the best site  for a peaceful stay and enjoying bird watching. There are 3 types of  accommodations available which are Single bed, Double bed and Four bed. In Bijrani  Frh 2 rooms has single bed, 4 rooms has double beds and 1 room has four beds. 

Malani (FRH)

Malani forest rest house is built in 1930 at the edge core of  the Jim Corbett National Park. It has a KMVN canteen and Aamdanda gate is the  entry point for this forest rest house. This small FRH named after the Malani  sot (stream) offers one of the most picturesque surroundings and a quiet ambience. This forest rest house has 2 rooms of double bed.

Opening and Closing

The Bijrani day Safari zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve remains open for  tourists from 15th October to till June. Night stay in Bijrani Ecotourism Zones  is allowed from 15th October till June 2022. And Bijrani Zone remains  closed for night halts and Day Visit from 1st July 2021 to 14th October 2021.


Location of Bijrani

Bijrani is located in In Corbett National Park ( Bijrani is a range/Zone or part of Corbett National Park which is near to Amdanda Gate. It is near to Ramnagar town).

Location & How to Reach Bijrani

Bijrani Zone can be explore by Elephant safari and Jeep safari from Amdanda Gate (5 kms). Bijrani is well connected by road and visitors can book a Safari from Ramnagar office of Park authorities of Corbett National Park. Nearest rail connectivity is at Ramnagar Railway Station, 5 kms and airport at Pantnagar airport or Delhi IGI airport.

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What is Bijrani famous for?

Bijrani is popular place for following activities/ interests - Safari, Wildlife Tourism.

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