Sonanadi River

About Sonanadi River

Sonanadi River is an important tributary to the Ramganga River and flows into the Corbett National Park from the north western direction. It merges with the Ramganga River at its reservoir and is an important river for the survival of thriving flora and fauna in the tiger reserve. The Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary – situated within the national park – gets its name from the river.

flows though Kumaon Region of UttarkhandIt covers a large area of Corbett, also known as sonanadi zone before meeting to ramganga river.

Sonanadi River in Corbett National Park

The river’s own name Sonanadi, which roughly translates to ‘River of Gold’, is due to it being a popular gold mining site when the river’s alluvial deposits flowing down from the mountains contained gold particles. The gold was obtained from the deposits with the help of sieving and treatment with mercury.

Angling in Sonanadi River

Angling is one of the popular recreational activities that tourists can take part in with their family and friends on the banks of Sonanadi River. Mahaseer fishes along with Brown Trout can be found in abundance at this river. Few camps and lodges are also set up near the river which offers recreation activities like bonfire, nature walks and fishing. Anglers need to take prior permissions from Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) for angling and fishing.

What is Sonanadi River famous for?

Sonanadi River is popular place for following activities/ interests - Rivers.

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