Do's and Dont's In Corbett National Park

Every park or national park has certain rules and regulations. However formal and informal. Jim Corbett National Park also has its rules and regulation. If you are planning to visit Corbett for the first time, it would be a good idea to become familiar with the general do’s and dont’s in the park so you can maintain its sanity and beauty. So here are some  Do’s and Dont’s that every tourist must follow.

Following is the list of things you should follow and something you should avoid during your Corbett Visit.

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Do’s in Corbett National Park

  • Respect and maintain a safe distance from animals in the park.
  • A permit is necessary for entry in Corbett Tiger Reserve, Enter only after getting the permit.
  • Must carry a little bag for bringing back non-biodegradable garbage like a bottle, plastic, metal, tin, foils, etc to maintain the park clean.
  • Switch off light, fans, and water taps when no one is using them.
  • Get an officially registered guide that will help you in spotting wildlife and ensuring that you do not lose your way in the forest.
  • Turn off your phone's music or your stereo and enjoy the melodious sound of the forest.
  • Maximum two adults and two children (below 12  years) per room is allowed to stay in the tourist zone, so arrange your  excursion as per the availability of rooms
  • Wear clothes in colors that merge with the natural surroundings like olive green, khaki, and some other dull colors because bright colors may distract animals.
  • Drive slowly
  • It is compulsory to obtain a clearance certificate before leaving your place of residence within the Tiger Reserve. 

Dont’s in Corbett

  • Don't drive after the sunset inside the reserve,  it is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't play any kind of tape recorder or transistors.
  • Don't blow the horn, and driving above the speed limits is strictly prohibited.
  • Cooking is not allowed inside the national park.
  • Non-veg food and alcohol are strictly prohibited within the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Don't enter the national park after the sunset.
  • Don't enter the Corbett Tiger Reserve without a permit.
  • Take care of zones as entry into the restricted zone is prohibited.
  • Smoking and lighting any kind of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't take your vehicles off the designated routes thereby causing damage to plant or animal.
  • Do not litter inside the park.
  • Don't use flashlights while clicking photos of animals as the eyes of the animals are very sensitive.
  • Don’t shout or tease animals inside the park.
  • Don’t try to feed animals.      
  • Permit to the Corbett National park is non-transferable so don’t try any kind of unfair means.
  • Don’t carry guns or pistol in the park.
  • Don’t get down from your vehicle during jungle safari.

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