Destination Wedding Near Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand state. Dehradun is a great place to host a destination wedding in  India. There are many spots where you can host your destination wedding and many resorts are there to help you in hosting your destination wedding near Dehradun such as The solitaire, Vishranti resort spa, Lemon Tree, etc

If you’re having a summer wedding in North India, a hill station is a good idea, especially it is an alternative to all the Delhi couples. Your guests will thank you for saving them from the unbearable heat of the summer season in Delhi and all the guests enjoy the wedding with the beautiful views of the mountains.

1) Mussoorie

City Mussoorie under the blanket of clouds

Mussoorie wedding brings with them the scope to shoot stunning couples photos with the beautiful Himalayan peaks in the background. There are many beautiful spots at Mussoorie where you can host your destination wedding. Some famous hotels and resorts are there to make this task easy for you such as Fortune The Savoy, Ellbee Mussoorie Hills, JW Marriot, Fortune Resort Grace, etc. They can make your planning process much simpler. Destination wedding in Mussoorie is the best way to make your special day more special with the clean environment and majestic views of some most beautiful Himalayan peaks in the background.

2) Sand Beach Wedding - Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the Yoga capital of the world and a popular destination in Uttarakhand. It is well known for pre-wedding shoots and destination weddings in Uttarakhand. In Rishikesh, you can have a dream wedding on the banks of the Ganges which are no less than the beaches of coasts of India. Let your marriage vows be purified by this holy town and the sacred river Ganga. It is one of the most exotic wedding destinations in Uttarakhand. Wedding in this sand beach of Rishikesh will give you the feel of Goa. You can enjoy your wedding with a similar feel of Goa at the budget of Rishikesh.

3) New Tehri

 Udai N Goswami (Facebook)
View of New Tehri, This town established after old Tehri town sank down due to Tehri dam.

New Tehri is a beautiful place where you witness some majestic scenic views of mountains and Tehri lake. Tehri Lake is so beautiful, it offers you the best background for your wedding photos. This is a romantic place where you can have the best experience of your destination wedding in the Garhwal region. You can host your destination wedding at many spots in Tehri. There are many hotels and resort can help you to host your pre-wedding in New Tehri such as, Amritara Raga on the Ganges, The Terraces, JW Marriot, etc. You can enjoy your special day with the beautiful view of some mountains and the beautiful Tehri lake to make that day more special.

4) Rishikesh

 Pixabay: 4531806
Yoga in Rishikesh near River Ganga

Rishikesh river beds are the perfect substitute for the beaches of Goa and are also situated at a short drive distance for north Indian couples. This is one place you should consider exploring if you are looking to host a destination wedding near Delhi. The temperature and beautiful mountain views and the holy river Ganga makes this location one of the best for a destination wedding in Uttarakhand. Destination wedding in Rishikesh is the best way to make some unforgettable memories with your partner as well as your family. There are many resorts and hotels which can help you to host your destination wedding such as Divine Resort, Narayana Palace, Ellbee Ganga View, etc.

5) Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti at dusk

Dhanaulti is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand near  Dehradun and Mussoorie. This place witnessed heavy snowfall in the winter season which gives the most beautiful view of snow-capped mountains, fields, and roads. This is one of the best places for a destination wedding near Dehradun because the temperature here remains cold all the seasons, there is no pollution, the environment is nice. It offers you the best scenic background for your wedding shoot or you can enjoy your special day with your partner, friends, and family peacefully in the lap of nature.

6) Haridwar

Pilgrims taking holy bath at Har ki Pauri Haridwar

Haridwar is a popular and holy city of Uttarakhand state. It has some religious value for Hindu religion peoples. The place has a mild temperature as compared to Delhi NCR. Haridwar is situated on the banks of the sacred river Ganga and the foothills of Shivalik ranges. From Haridwar, you can witness some beautiful views of the mountains and the flowing river Ganga. It is one of the best places for a Destination wedding near Dehradun. There are many hotels and resorts which can help you to host your destination wedding in Haridwar such as, Gardenia hotel spa and resort, Golden Tulip, Hotel LG residency, Le grand hotel, etc.

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