Caravans in Uttarakhand

Caravan Tours are getting popular day by day in India and soon Uttarakhand will also start planning for such Caravan Tours. The Uttarakhand Government, in order to promote tourism, will be introducing mobile caravans or motor homes equipped with every facility you can expect to find in a regular house.

The plan also includes the development of parks for the caravans to be stationed. These Carvan Parking complexes will provide water, electricity and waste disposal facilities. This way, coupled with the government’s endeavor to build homestays in and around popular tourist spots, soon most Himalaya vistas will be enjoyable from your windowsill.

Caravans gives tourists a new sense of adventure and camping in Uttarakhand. It will also excite Trekkers and hikers who generally travel to remote locations of Uttarakhand. Due to its cost factor, it will attract both Indian and international high-end tourists in the beginning.

What will Caravan have?

Each motor home would have sleeping spaces, berths, a kitchen equipped with an oven, refrigerator and a sink. There will also be an attached toilet that can also be accessed from outside, which makes waste disposal easier.

Suitable Caravan Routes and Destinations in Uttarakhand

Following can be the most popular caravan tour routes in Uttarakhand in future.

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