Har ki Dun Trek, Photo: Ravi Dev

Har ki Dun Trek FAQs

Har ki Dun Trek is famous as Adventure, Hot Destination, Trekking, Editors Choice, Camping, Christmas and New Year, Village Tourism, Featured, Must Do, Winter Treks, with over 8 Places to See in Har ki Dun Trek. Nearest Airport from Har ki Dun Trek is Jolly Grant Airport, 250 kms and Nearest Railway Station is Dehradun, 232 kms. There are over 1 Hotels in Har ki Dun Trek.

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Har ki Dun Trek Questions & FAQs

There are lot of questions while planning a journey. To ensure that your preparations run smoothly, we have the answers to the questions most frequently asked about travelling to and in Har ki Dun Trek. Har ki Dun Trek useful information for travellers with reliable local advice. Latest Har ki Dun Trek Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for your upcoming visit to Har ki Dun Trek. Get all the solutions to your query with eUttaranchal Travel Help Desk.

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General FAQs

Where is Har Ki Doon Trek is situated?

Har ki Doon trek is located in western Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. A little pahadi population live here. The location is close to the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal.

What is length of Har ki Doon Trek?

The entire length of Har ki Doon trek is 54 kms. One side length of Har ki Doon trek is about 27 Kms. 

What is the best time to do Har Ki Doon trek?

Har ki Doon trek is blessed with striking beauty of nature. Trekkers come to this place throughout the year. Every season has something different to offer in Har ki Doon.  Gushing rivers, full blooming valley of colorful flowers, lakes, snow capped mountains. Har ki Doon has everything.

The best time to do Har Ki Dun trek is during summers (April to June) and post monsoon (September to December). During winters, you can enjoy snow trekking in Har Ki Dun.

Check Har ki Dun Weather Updates.

It totally depends on you, on which season you want to travel in Har ki Doon valley. If you love snow then choose winter season & if you love the nature then choose summer season. 

How much time it takes to complete Har ki Doon trek?

As the total length of Har ki Doon trek is about 54 kms & it takes minimum 4 days to complete this trek. Most of the trekkers choose 12 kms of trekking per day but if you are a experienced trekker and want to do it in a hurry then you can travel as much as you can before the dusk.

What is the current condition of Har ki Dun trek?

Is there any risk of wild animals or avalanche on Har ki Doon trek?

Yes, as Har ki Doon trek is a part of Govind National Park which is well known for it variety of flora and fauna so it is advised to trek with your team and do not go far from your tent alone. At night it is advised to go out with one of your trek mate. 

Avalanche is a common thing in snowy mountains so you should need no to worry about it. There is a chances of avalanche in Har ki Doon valley in winter season only but most of the guide don't move forward when weather condition get worst.

Is Har ki Doon trek is good for beginners?

Yes! It is. Har ki Doon is well known for beginners cause of its easy steep & path. If you are a first timer then you can choose this location as your trek without any doubt.

Is there any chances of snowfall in summers in Har ki Doon trek?

There is a very low chances of Snow fall in summers but it does not mean that is it not possible. Even in Badrinath, travelers witnessed snowfall in the month of May. Also in Himalayan region, weather changes time to time.

I want to do Har ki Doon trek with my child. What is the age limit for child ?

Minimum age limit for child who want to do this trek is 9 to 10. And yes, its your responsibility to take care of your child. So if you don't have an experience of trekking then we suggest you to travel this time alone cause how can you help your child in climbing when you can't help yourself! 

How can I prepare myself for Har ki Doon trek?

Join Gym or go for running in the morning. Do as much as hard work you can do. Focus more on legs exercise, eat good diet and try to stay healthy and fit. Buy good quality of trekking shoes and walk in them so you can tests them they are comfortable or not.

How much temperature can falls at night during Har ki Doon trek?

It varies on season to season but weather remains cold at night in Har ki Doon. In winters, the mercury can goes down to -10 to -14 degree or in summers 0 degree.

Why Har ki Doon trek is so famous?

Har ki Doon trek is famous for its serene beauty. Every season, this valley brings a different view to its travelers. This kaleidoscopic valley is suitable for all kinds of trekkers from children to an old. Also, as it is suitable for beginners so it because the first choice of new comers.

What if I got injured during my Har ki Doon trek?

Your team leader will take care of you. They know all the other guides, they will arrange a mule for you. They carry first aid kit and other necessory medicine. 

Is this Har ki Doon trek is good for old people whose age is above 50?

Yes if your are fit cause Har ki Doon trek comes under easy treks and you know age is just a number :)

What is the difficulty level of Har ki Doon Trek?

The difficulty level of Har ki Doon trek is easy because of which it is very famous in the community of beginners.

All of us have children at home and it will be hard for us not to get in contact with them during so many days. If I remember it correctly, there was a village on our route, is there cell coverage there?

There is Osla Village slightly off the trail where there used to be a satellite phone, but its no longer operational

You mentioned that wireless phones are restricted, how come? I assume there will not be any reception/coverage in most places anyway.

Harki Dun & Ruinsara Tal are located in a remote high altitude valley that comes under Govind Ballabh Pant National Park, this region is vastly accessible only on foot hence no network coverage is in the region. We ourselves rely on walkie talkie at times.

Travel (Trip Planning) FAQs

Which mobile network service works best in Har ki Doon valley.

None, yes you read it correct. But the mobile network works good in Har ki Doon valley is BSNL but it connects signals in near by villages from where the trek starts only. 

Any tip for Har ki Doon trek?

  1. Always do trekking in a group.
  2. Don't drink liquor or don't do smoking.
  3. Carry raincoat and first aid box.
  4. Carry extra pair of socks. 
  5. Don't go very far from your trekking group or campsite.
  6. Believe in nature, wake up early for unclouded sky or for the best view of sunrise from the mountains.
  7. Learn local culture cause it is very rich and their wooden houses are amazing.

Any Idea or travel tip so I can do Har Ki Doon Trek at minimum cost?

Gowith eUttaranchal it provides you the best Har ki Dun trekking tour packages with best services at an affordable price. 

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What trekking equipment or clothes should I carry for my Har ki Doon trek?

  • A trekking stick
  • Woolen or fleece clothes
  • Trekking shoes or snow boots for winters.
  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • Extra polythene bags for wet clothes and a whistle
  • Extra pair of shocks
  • Some chocolates :)
  •  First aid kit.
  • Waterproof trekking bag.
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Sunglasses
  • Moisturizers

How to Reach FAQs

How can I reach to base camp of Har ki Doon trek from Dehradun?

If you want to spend less then choose public transport as direct bus from Mussorie bus stand of Dehradun is available to Sankri. Distance between Sankri and Dehradun is 200 kms which takes your whole day or 7 to 8 hrs to reach. However,  option of booking taxi or tempo-traveler from Dehradun is also available.

Hotels and Accommodations FAQs

Can I book room at base camp in advance for my Har Ki Doon Trek.

Yes you can, visit this link for booking. Sankri Homestay

There is one hotel stay according to the itinerary, what is the name of the hotel?

Meraki Triangle Homestay
Details of Property: https://www.euttaranchal.com/hotels/meraki-sankri.php
Meraki Homestay Reviews: http://bit.ly/2HmjA3L

Meraki Homestay Videos - Art House in Sankri
Meraki Sankri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsReQeoGFXk
Art House in the Himalayas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP4eSLBSZEU
Making of Meraki Homestay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gmlxIktiF0

Planning your Journey FAQs

Can I do solo trek to Har Ki Doon.

Yes, if its your 2nd time. As the trek is easy but distance is very long. It is very hard to carry Rasan & tent to that long route. So it is our suggestion to always travel in a group under the direction of a well known and experienced guide. You can book your trek with us as we have more than 15 years of experience in Uttarakhand's trekking industry.

Is medical facilities are available at Har Ki Doon Trek?

It is always suggested that you should carry first aid kit with you. As Har ki Doon valley is situated in a remote area of Uttarakhand which lies under Gobind National Park so getting a doctor's clinic on the way is impossible but travelling with a group and well reputed travel company like eUttaranchal always take care about its clients. Nearest Hospital is situated in Purola which is also the well settled town before Har ki Doon trek.

What kind of clothes should I carry to Har ki Doon trek?

Warm or woolen clothes are highly recommended because temp remains cold throughout the year in Har ki Doon valley. In summer, while doing trekking you may feel the heat but from evening to next morning, temp. falls drastically also a little rain can change the weather of Har ki Doon dramatically. 

Can I drink liquor or do smoking during my Har ki Doon trek?

Absolutely Not. Never try to do that. Temperature changes time to time in Himalayas and high altitude sickness and liquor can makes you sick on the trek. Which generates a problem for your trek leader and other trekkers too. Your lungs need more oxygen during a tough trek or while doing a physical activity so it is advised to not do smoking on the trek. Also cigarette buds are very responsible for forest fire in the jungles of Himalayas. 

Which travel company should I trust for a safe journey to Har ki Doon trek?

eUttaranchal has more than 15 years of experience in travel industry in Uttarakhand. They own home stays in Sankri range where Har ki Doon trek lies. They also have a very good ground knowledge as they belongs to this region so always plan your trip with eUttaranchal.  

Can I go to base camp of Hark i Doon trek on my bike?

Yes you can as road is good for two Wheelera but always start your journey after the full servicing of your vehicle and try a heavy bike or with good cc engine for travelling in mountains. 

Har Ki Doon Trek Is famous for winters, give me a reason to travel in summers?

You heard it wrong dude, Har ki Doon is equally famous for summers & winters. Because of a long weekend of Christmas & new year, more trekkers come here at that time. But experienced trekkers, choose summers because it gives more colorful aroma of the surrounding.

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