Har ki Dun in Autumn

Har ki Dun is a kaleidoscopic valley which turns its color in every season. Every time Autumn in Har ki Dun brings something extraordinary for travelers. Most of the traveler love to visit the valley after monsoon. 

The blooming flower in the fully fledged the mesmerizing  aura of Har ki Dun valley. You will witness a variety of flora & fauna in this season in Har ki Doon valley

Har ki Dun trek in September:

September in monsoon is an amalgamation of monsoon and some sunny days. But it the month of year at which time you can enjoy the utmost beauty of nature in Har ki Doon valley. Try to trek with a good grip shoes to avoid slippery path. For photographers, this month brings the best background and light. 

Har ki Dun trek in October:

You can clearly witness the fall in temperature in the month of October in Har ki Doon valley. So it is highly recommended to carry warm clothes. The cold breeze along the gushing river can makes it hard to leave it but try to reach to your campsite before the dusk. The number of trekkers also remains good in the month of October in the valley cause of its bearable temperature. 

Har ki Dun in November:

Like other parts of India, November in Har ki Doon valley is the starting period of winters. Till the end of November, temperature falls drastically. But weather remains pleasant for travelers or to do the trek in the day time. Always try to reach at your campsite before the night cause evening are freezing in this month in Har ki Doon valley. If you are then there is a possibility of witnessing a snowfall too cause rain brings snow in a cold weather. 

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