Har ki Dun in Monsoon

Har ki Dun is a highly recommended trek for monsoon season. From beginner to a experienced trekker, this valley always has something hidden in her lap. Valley is situated on the base of Fateh Parvat and a dreamy way to walk in the season of Monsoon. 

During monsoons Har ki Dun Valley offers variety of flowers and can be compared to Valley of Flowers as well.

Monsoons in Har ki Dun valley brings a lot from the box of nature. Green pasture land, blooming flower, variety of flaura and fona and many more. The trail is easy to trek so monsoon makes it more mesmerizing. The whole path covered itself by a green mat of grass which makes your trek more memorable on this sesason. 

Har ki Dun in July:

Like other parts of India, July is the starting of monsoon in Har ki dun valley, you can experience the newly blooming flowers on the valley, a fresh gushing river and a coll breeze which makes your trail to finish in the most fantasy way. If you love greenery, then it is highly recommended to travel to Har ki Doon in monsoon.

Har ki Dun in August:

August is a month of frequent showers in Har ki Doon valley but it doesn't mean that it is not good to do trek. Actually the frequent rains makes forest and weather a dreamy heaven.  Har ki doon is a open valley surrounded by mountains and river passes through the middle of valley. Hovering clouds, pitter-patter of rain, gushing river and those little fountains falling down from the mountains are the star attraction of Har ki dun in August. 

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