Har ki Dun in Summers

Like winters, visiting Har ki Dun in summers is equally mesmerizing and thrilling. Har ki Dun is one of the almost sought-after treks in the Garhwal Himalayas. Tucked away in the lap of nature, the hanging valley of Har-ki-Dun has attracted trekkers from around the world due to its immense scenic beauty and stunning Himalayan landscapes.

Har ki Dun during Summers

Har-ki-Dun can be visited during the summer  season when it is enveloped with lush greenery everywhere you put your gaze. The sky also remains clear and makes for a beautiful starry sky during the night where one could even spot the unreal Milky Way galaxy. April-June is  considered ideal time to visit the valley during summer.

The valley is also known for its rich flora and fauna that thrive and bloom during the spring  and summer season. The lush greenery that envelops the Har-ki-Dun encircled inside the Govind National park with majestic Himalayan peaks such as  Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch peaks is a sight to behold. 

Har ki Dun in April

The month of April is the starting of summers, views in Har ki Dun in April month looks totally different. The snow started melting and the new grass started growing. You can see the melting water bodies in Har ki Dun and on the same time blooming flowers. Choosing April month is a win win situation for a trekker cause at this you can enjoy the both summers and winters views at the same time. 

Har Ki Dun in May

May in Har ki Dun valley is a pleasant month to trek. If you don't like too cold and want a little sun in the sky then this is the best season to you to travell in the month of May in Har ki Doon. Weather remains calm and beautiful in this month in the valley with the serene beauty of nature. 

Har ki Dun in June

June month in Har ki Doon like an amalgamation of summers in the starting and monsoon from the last week of June. Sometime you can face the instant rain in the valley in the month of June in Har ki Doon valley. If you want to make your summer vacation perfect and adventurous then Har ki Doon trek is a gem for you. A little bit of rain can turn the weather a bit colder so it is advised to traveler to carry raincoat and warm cloths during the trek.

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