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About Hariyali Devi Temple

Hariyali Devi is at an altitude of 1400 mts on the way to Rudraprayag-Karanprayag, a route diverting from Nagrasu, leads to the Siddha Peeth of Hariyali Devi. Hariyali Devi Temple contains an idol of the goddess on a lion’s back along with idols of Kshatrapal and Heet Devi.

It is believed that when Mahamaya was conceived as the seventh child of Devaki, Kansa threw her fiercely to the ground. Her body was shattered into many parts which scattered across the world. The hand of Mahamaya is said to have fell at Hariyali Kantha.

In RudraprayagAbout 15 Km from Main Rudraprayag Market

Hariyali Devi Temple in Rudraprayag

The temple of Hariyali Devi has an ornate idol of the Goddess on a lion’s back. She is also popular by the name of Sitla Mata in AlmoraJageshwar and Srinagar. 

It becomes a home to festivity during Janmashtami and Deepawali, the idol of the goddess is carried in a palanquin to Hariyali Kantha, the main “Siddha peeth” of Hariyali Devi.

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Hariyali Kantha Yatra

Every year the Hariyali Kantha yatra takes place on the day of Dhanteras. On this day, the doli of Hariyali Devi is decorated with garlands and with a silver statue of the deity the yatra commences from Jasoli temple to the parental home of the Devi, which is believed to be in the Hariyal mountain.  It is an ancient ritual that once in a year, at the time of Diwali, the doli of Hariyali Devi is taken to her parents home. This very ritual is called the Hariyali Devi Kantha Yatra.

The yatra starts at night and thousands of devotees from across the country participate in it. The yatra starts with local women singing of Maangal Geet with traditional Dhol and Shankh. The trek starts from Jasoli Village and it is around 10 kms. There are four phases of this Yatra.

Phase 1: The procession stops at Kodima for half an hour where women of the village welcome the yatra. The doli reaches the Kodima in the evening. 

Phase 2: After that the next Stopover is at Banso. This stopover is about 3 kilometres from the Kodima village and the procession reaches here at about 10 pm at night. The procession departs from this village at about 2 am. 

Phase 3: Panchrangya Paani is 2 kilometres away from Baanso village and is the coldest stop on the entire route. This place has the only source of freshwater and the idol of the devi is given a bath here. After this, all followers also take a holy dip in the water. The yatra halts at this place for two hours and then proceeds for the next destination.

Phase 4: Kankhal is the last stop of the yatra where it reaches at about 4 am. The place is about 1.5 kilometre from Paanchrangya. After resting for about an hour, the yatra moves ahead for its final destination at the Hariyal mountain and with the first ray of the sun, the doli of Hariyali Devi reaches its final destination.

Tip: Make sure you stop eating non-veg food, Onions and Garlic atleast 2 weeks before your visit to the Hariyali Devi Temple.

Location & How to Reach Hariyali Devi Temple

Sharable Tata sumos or public transport is available to Hariyali Devi from Rudraprayag. It is about 15 kms from the main town of Rudraprayag or Bus stand. Surrounded by high peaks and thick forests, this place is situated at an altitude of 1400 mts.

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