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Basukedar Temple, Photo: Facebook

Basukedar Temple

About Basukedar Temple

Located at the peaceful village of Basukedar in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, Basukedar Temple is a highly revered temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

The temple is located away from the main road and is an ideal place for people seeking peace, meditation, respite from daily events, and some amount of hiking. 

Get information about Basu Kedar Temple with Mythological Importance and location

5 Kms from Chandrapuri31 kms from Rudraprayag
Free Entry
2 hr

Basukedar Temple in Rudraprayag

This temple premise has 1 main and about 8 other smaller temples in the complex. The other temples in the premise are of various Gods and Goddess including local deities. The main temple is dedicated to the Kedar form of Shiva. This ancient pagoda is a symbol of faith of the entire 40 villages.

The magnificent Basukedar Temple is carved in stone with captivating premises and views. There are small shrines around the main temple whose architecture and strategic placements beautifully accentuates the ambience of the place.

 Facebook: Basukedar Temple from front

Significance of Basukedar Temple

According to mythological beliefs, Lord Shiva had a night's rest (basa) here. From this Basa, the name Basu (Basa) was derived from Kedar (Shiva) meaning Basukedar. On Mahashivratri, special worship of Lord Shiva is done here and Jalabhishek and Rudrabhishek are done.

The temple was built by the Pandavas and is believed to be more than 1000 years old. The route leading to Basukedar Temple used to serve as the original route to Kedarnath, when roads were not constructed in the region. Pilgrims would trek via this route and rest for a night at Basukedar.

It is said that the Basukedar temple is filled with water. Apart from this there is a secret Shivling, which is under water and after offering water to Lord Bhole, it goes down to the Shivling. The description of which is found in the Kedarkhand of Skanda Purana. It is said that only an ascetic person can see this Shivling.

Video of Basu Kedar Temple


Location of Basukedar Temple

Basukedar Temple is located in 5 Kms from Chandrapuri ( 31 kms from Rudraprayag).

Location & How to Reach Basukedar Temple

Basukedar Temple is just 31 kms from Rudraprayag and the route is via Agastmuni - Chandrapuri - Basukedar Village. One can take taxi from Rudraprayag to reach Basu Kedar Temple.

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What is Basukedar Temple famous for?

Basukedar Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Shiva Temples, Temples.