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Kedarkantha Trek FAQs

Kedarkantha Trek is famous as Adventure, Hot Destination, Emerging Destinations, Trekking, Editors Choice, Camping, Christmas and New Year, Skiing, Meadows, Featured, Must Do, Winter Treks, with over 5 Places to See in Kedarkantha Trek. Nearest Airport from Kedarkantha Trek is Jolly Grant Airport, 225 kms and Nearest Railway Station is Dehradun, 208 kms.

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There are lot of questions while planning a journey. To ensure that your preparations run smoothly, we have the answers to the questions most frequently asked about travelling to and in Kedarkantha Trek. Kedarkantha Trek useful information for travellers with reliable local advice. Latest Kedarkantha Trek Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for your upcoming visit to Kedarkantha Trek. Get all the solutions to your query with eUttaranchal Travel Help Desk.


What is Fitness Required for Kedarkantha Trek?

About the trek: The trail is fairly laid out path and has very few steep ascends or descends. Water is available through out the trail. Its always better to prepare for any trek, so that you can enjoy the trail to the fullest. 

The Kedarkantha Trek is an easy to moderate trek suitable for first time trekker with basic fitness. 5 year kid to 65-70 year person can easily do Kedarkatha trek, if they are physically and medically fit.

For Kedarkantha, you can start with brisk walk for 30 minutes every day and keep on increasing the speed, day by day. Start this atleast 2 weeks before starting the trek.

Where is Kedarkantha Trek is situated?

Kedarkantha trek is situated in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand. It lies under western Garhwal range of Himalayas.

What is the length of Kedarkantha trek?

The trekking distance of Kedarkanth is 10 km for one side. 

What is the best time to do Kedarkantha trek?

Although, most of the trekkers choose winters (Dec - Jan) to do Kedarkantha trek because it receives a very good amount of snowfall in winters but Kedarkantha is also a good trek for summers. Trek is easy so its totally depends on you which weather you like most. Summers offers a beautiful colorful views of nature on the other hand winters turns the valley into a white blanket of snow.

Which mobile network service works best in Kedarkantha?

Kedarkantha is a secluded place so most of the mobile networks do not work here but you can carry a sim of BSNL because in base camp and near by places it works good.

Are medical facilities available at Kedarkantha?

No,  cause it's a trek, not a metro city so it is advised to carry a first aid kit on trek with you. However, if you fall sick then do ask to your trek leader for medicine. He will surely help you.

How much time it takes to complete Kedarkantha Trek?

Maximum 4 Days and minimum 3 Days. Both side trekking distance of Kedarkantha trek is 20 km but steep is not easy to climb. If you are a good trekker then you can complete in 2 days too.

What is the current condition of Kedarkantha trek?

Current condition of Kedarkantha trek is quite good. Weather is pleasant & route of the trek is also easy to walk.

Is there any risk of wild animals or avalanche on Kedarkanth trek

Not really but yes a little bit risk of wild animals as it comes under Govind Pashu Vihar National park. It is advised to walk with your trek mates & don't go too far from your camping site.

Should I need to carry Diamox for Kedarkantha trek?

Not advisable as trek length is not very long and altitude is also not very high but many trekkers who are new and who never faced high altitude can ask to their team leaders if they are facing the symptoms of altitude sickness like vomiting, sleeping difficulty, shortness of breathe etc.

Is Kedarkantha trek is good for beginners?

Yes because trekking difficulty of Kedarkantha is easy and its length is also about 10 km only.

Can I drink liquor or smoke during Kedarkantha trek?

No, cause going in a cold secluded place of Himalayas where altitude sickness is responsible for making many trekkers sick is enough. The alcohol can react to your body differently in tough conditions so it is advised to not take this kind of risk. Also, your body need fresh oxyzen on a tough trek so smoking cigarrate at that time is like trauma to them.  

Is there any chances of snowfall in summers in Kedarkantha trek?

No, not really. We are also waiting for this phenomena in Kedarkantha :) 

Can I take my child along on this trek? What is the age limit?

Yes you can. The minimum age limit for child is 9 - 10 years if you want to do this trek with them.

How much temperature falls at night in Kedarkantha trek?

It varies season to season but temperature remains freezing at night. In the winters mercury could falls to -10 degree and in summers 2 to 3 degree.

Why Kedarkantha trek is famous?

Kedarkantha is known as the best winter trek of Uttarakhand. Trek is also famous for a 360 degree views of snow capped Himalayas from the summit. The trek of Kedarkanth is simply amazing and easy to cover. In winters, people also do skiing on the slopes of Kedarkantha.

What if I got injured during the Kedarkantha trek?

Don't worry your trek leader will take care of you. Also, as it's a famous trek, everyday many trekkers commence this trek. Anybody can helps you there cause you are not alone. Also it is advised to carry first aid kit. 

What is the difficulty level of Kedarkantha Trek?

The difficulty level of Kedarkantha trek is easy. 

Is Kedarkantha Trek suitable for Kids and Families?

Yes, the trek is favorable for children upto 5 years of age and for families as well. Though, some extra care, porters/guide are required to tackle any situation. The trail is good for families as well.

When does Kedarkantha Peak get its first snowfall of the season?

Kedarkantha peak gets its first snowfall by the mid of December and sometime during the first week of December as well. This belt of the Himalayas get heavy snowfall and often the first snowfall is heavy which can lasts for the entire season. 

Travel (Trip Planning)

Any tip for Kedarkantha trek?

  1. Always do trekking in a group.
  2. Don't drink liquor or don't do smoking.
  3. Carry raincoat and first aid box.
  4. Carry extra pair of socks. 
  5. Don't go very far from your trekking group or campsite.
  6. Believe in nature, wake up early for unclouded sky or for the best view of sunrise from the mountains.
  7. Embrace local culture cause it is very rich and their wooden houses are amazing.

What trekking equipment or clothes should I carry for my Kedarkantha trek?

  • A trekking stick
  • Woolen or fleece clothes
  • Trekking shoes or snow boots for winters.
  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • Extra polythene bags for wet clothes and a whistle
  • Extra pair of shocks
  • Some chocolates :)
  •  First aid kit.
  • Waterproof trekking bag.
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Sunglasses
  • Moisturizers

What is the approx cost for Kedarkantha Trek?

Being a popular trek thousands of trekkers do this trek every year. Similarly there are many trekking companies operate Kedarkantha Trek. The approx cost from Sanki to Sankri ranges from Rs 7000 to Rs 15000 per person and even can exceed if more services and facilities are added to the tour plan.

The costing for Kedarkantha depends mainly on the type of stay with sharing in Sankri, quality of food and tents, experience of the Guide and Team Leader, support system, additional services and equipments. The more you pay for the trek, the better services you can expect.

Check on the Premium Customized Trekking Package of Kedarkantha @ Rs 16500 per person

We are wondering about the food, do you have examples of the dishes? How many meals do we have during a day?

We serve a mix of Indian, continental meals during the trek and at our Homestay in Sankri. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner, Packed Lunch / Hot Lunch, Evening Tea, Soup with a light / heavy snack.

How to Reach

How far Kedarkantha is from Railway station or Airport?

Dehradun is the major city on the way of Kedarkantha which has the facilities of an airport and railway station. Dehradun is about 200 km from the base camp of Kedarkantha so you have to travel 200 by road if you want to conquer this trek.

How can I reach to base camp of Kedarkantha trek from Dehradun?

Sankri is the base camp of Kedarkanth valley which is approx. 200 km far from Dehradun. From Dehradun, you can book taxi or tempo-traveller to Sankri. However, public transport  or direct bus service from Dehradun to Sankri is also available from Mussorie bus stand near Railway station Dehradun.

Can I reach to base camp of Kedarkantha trek on my bike?

Yes, you can but cause condition of roads for off roads bikes is good but try to avoid in monsoon season.

Hotels and Accommodations

Can I book room at base camp in advance for my Kedarkantha Trek.

Yes you can, visit this link for booking. Sankri Homestay

There is one hotel stay according to the itinerary, what is the name of the hotel?

Meraki Triangle Homestay
Details of Property:
Meraki Homestay Reviews:

Meraki Homestay Videos - Art House in Sankri
Meraki Sankri:
Art House in the Himalayas:
Making of Meraki Homestay:

Planning your Journey

Can I do solo trek to Kedarkantha?

Yes, you can if you have a good experience of trekking in the Himalayas on the the snowy path. Trek route is about 10 but a guide is highly recommended if you are planning your journey to a new place. Alone, you have to carry food, sleeping bag, tent etc but walking with a group is always a fun. Trekking groups move forward with mules, porter & cook so it is advised that you should do your trek with a trekking group. However, you can do this trek with a guide only.

What kind of clothes should I carry to Kedarkantha Trek?

Warm woolen clothes or wind proof jacket is recommended. Fleece jacket will also work. Inner thermal clothes are also advisable. Temperature of kedarkantha remains pleasant in the summer but it faced freezing cold in winters. Do carry a raincoat and extra pair of socks.

Which travel company should I trust for a safe journey to Kedarkantha trek?

eUttaranchal or Meraki triangle without any doubt. Reason is eUttaranchal has more than 15 years of ground knowledge of Uttarakhand. Also Meraki Trianlge is offering their services in Sankri range, they holds a home stay in Sankri village which is the base camp of Kedarkantha. 

How can I prepare myself for Kedarkantha trek?

Go for running in the morning daily, it will increase your stamina and will helps during the trek. Eat healthy and less oily food. Buy good trekking shoes and use or test them before bringing them to trek. 

How I can do Kedarkantha Trek at minimum cost?

  1. Use public transport to reach Sankri or base camp of Kedarkantha.
  2. You can plan your trek with eUttaranchal for minimum trekking cost. OR
  3. If you are experienced then do solo or with guide only. 

Is this Kedarkantha trek is good for Old people whose age is above 50?

Yes if your are fit cause Kedarkantha trek comes under easy treks and you know age is just a number :)

Do I need crampons or spikes for Kedarkantha trek in winters?

Crampons and Spikes are not necessary required. If you have good high ankle waterproof shoes which has good traction, you really do not need a crampon. However, walking over snow without crampons for a beginner becomes a tough task and you can slip frequently. Sometime, slipping can hurt you or twist your ankle. So, a walking crampon is advisable. Most of trekking companies provide gaiters, crampons or spikes if there is heavy snow during the trek.

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