Bhimgoda Barrage

About Bhimgoda Barrage

Bhimgoda Barrage came into existence in the 1800s when Lord Dalhousie, the then governor general of India inaugurated the project in 1840.

In HaridwarNear Birla Ghat Haridwar
1.6 kms / 9 mins
From Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar
30 mins

Bhimgoda Barrage in Haridwar

Since then the Bhimgoda barrage has been replaced twice with final construction took place in 1979. The barrage was constructed to divert some of the water of river Ganges into a canal for irrigation purpose. A popular tourist attraction at Haridwar, Bhimgoda barrage is visited by large number of tourists due to the presence of Neel Dhara bird sanctuary just beside the barrage.


The barrage derived its name from Bhimgoda tank which is located near the barrage. The Bhimgoda tank itself derived its name from one the five Pandavas from Mahabharata epic. According to the mythology, during their exile when Pandavas were roaming in the forests, Draupadi who was also a wife of Bheem was feeling thirsty. Unable to find a water source nearby, the ever so powerful Bheem thrust his knee into the ground. A depression was created in the ground which was filled with water. Hence, the name Bhimgoda - ‘Bhim’ and ‘goda’ (a Hindi word for knee).

Bhimgoda Barrage Features

The Bhimgoda barrage is 455 meters long and contains 15 spillways gates and 7 under sluice gates which are 18 m wide with the total spillway capacity of 19,300 m3/s. The catchment area which the barrage holds is around 23,000 kmwhich is diverted towards the upper Ganges canal.

How to Reach Bhimgoda Barrage

Bhimgoda Barrage is located just 500 metres away from Har Ki Pauri. Tourists visiting to Neel Dhara Bird Sanctuary can easily reach Bhimgoda barrage as it is located very near to the bird sanctuary. Nearest railway station is Haridwar railway station which is only 1km from the bird sanctuary. Nearest airport is situated at Jolly Grant which is located 37 kms from Haridwar.

Location of Bhimgoda Barrage

Bhimgoda Barrage is located in In Haridwar ( Near Birla Ghat Haridwar).

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