Digital Detox at Sankri

Life in this digital era is incredibly fast paced. From responsibilities ranging from home to family to work, getting some free time is a blessing in true sense. Digital devices improves the efficiency of our work but unless regulated well, they ruin even that tiny fraction of free time we scarcely get.

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Why is Digital Detox essential?

How many times have you spent your leisure time scrolling through the phone, watching random videos, or simply checking in through your mails? And how many times have you checked your phone while speaking to someone or at the dinner table?

The answer might be more than you want to admit.

The immediate damage of always being digitally present might not be evident. But over time the lack of proper rest and living digitally continuously will not just lead to stress but affect your work and relationships too. Constant exposure to digital devices and their usage has been proven to affect both physical and mental health.

Digital Detoxification - Necessity in the Making

How to do Digital Detox?

There is no App for Digital Detoxification

The primary motive of going about with Digital Detox is to stay away from digital devices and find enjoyable things to do outside the realm of online life. A digital detox will help you to make connections in the real world and to connect with nature.

It is not possible to completely eliminate digital devices from our life as they are essential for our works. But you can start by limiting its usage time. Notice your usage pattern and start with small steps.

Working people can go without digital devices during weekends and enjoy the time pursuing their hobbies.

You could also join us at the Digital Detox retreat in Sankri where you will spend your time away from digital connectivity (no internet, no smartphones, no computers, no Wi-Fi) and in the laps of Mother Nature. The time will be spent exploring the wonders of nature in the remote Himalayas, interacting with others without interruptions, and finding peace within.

In our Digital Detox, we will engage you in interesting activities and provide a friendly hand on your exciting journey.

Who is it meant for?

Digital Detox is meant for anyone who uses technology for a long period of time.

For kids: Kids spend a lot of time in front of the TV and phone screens. Engaging kids in outdoor activities that are fun a refreshing is an ideal way to prevent them from depending on digital devices. At Sankri, you will spend the entire time without using any digital devices. The time here will offer you the perfect opportunity to rekindle with your family and spend some quality time together.

For Entrepreneur/Business People: The hectic schedule of entrepreneurs and business people makes it incredibly difficult for them to get off from digital devices. From phone calls to team meetings to emails to constant notifications, getting away from digital devices is next to impossible. That’s why Digital Detox is essential for business people and corporates for their health and productivity.

For working people: Work-life balance is a goal that all working people aspire for. Yet, it becomes a hectic task when digital devices take up most of your time. Digital Detox at Sankri will help you with the much-needed break from the daily activities and preps your mind and health up for the days ahead.

For students: Studying has become as much of an online task as offline. Digital Detox provides a great opportunity for students to take a break from their tiring schedule and spend time in nature.

Activities to get Digitally Detoxified in Sankri

  • Trekking: The scenic village of Sankri serves as the base camp for many easy treks like Kedarkantha trek, Har ki Dun trek, Bali Pass trek, Ruinsara Tal trek, Borasu Pass trek, Dev Kyara Bugyal trek, among others. Apart from enjoying the peaceful environment in Sankri, you can plan one of the treks and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Village walks: Sankri is surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and lies peacefully amidst pine and deodar forests. Take a stroll across the village, talk to the friendly local people, visit schools and playgrounds, and spend the day exploring the village, jungles, and waterfalls of this mesmerizing hamlet.
  • Bird Watching: A wide variety of birds chirping merrily is one of the best features of Sankri. Enjoy bird watching, feed them, and reconnect with nature.
  • Jeep Ride/Cycling: You can cycle to Taluka which is 12kms from Sankri or revel in the exciting jeep ride. The route from Sankri to Taluka is exciting with the beautiful landscape accompanying you.
  • Creative activities: Creativity is the food of the soul. The Meraki Triangle Art House at Sankri is designed in a way so as to feed your creative soul with engaging outdoor activities and reflective indoor activities.

We assure you our Digital Detox will leave you feeling refreshed with a closer bond with nature and a new perspective on things lingering in your mind.

You can also cosider: Chopta and Mayadeep Hotel in Chopta for Digital Detoxification as well.

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