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Mathiyana Devi Temple, Photo: Ammar Khan

Mathiyana Devi Temple

About Mathiyana Devi Temple

Mathiyana Khal Village2 to 3 km uphill trek, Mathiyana village, Bhardar Patti, Rudraprayag

Mathiyana Devi Temple in Rudraprayag

Mata  Bhagwati Maa Mathiyana Devi is one of the most powerful goddesses of Uttarakhand. Maa Mathiyana Devi is known for her motherly nature among the people. She has 2 forms one which depicts peace is in Mathiyana Khal village and another form of her Kaali Roop in Kalimath. She is considered the protector of Bhardar patti and Rudraprayag.

History and Mythology about Maa Matjiyana Devi

There are many stories related to Maa Mathiyana Devi origin.

  • When Lord Shiva wandering with the dead body of Mata Sati in sky, Lord  Vishnu cut her body into many pieces and one of her body part fell here in Bhardar Pati of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand.
  • Hundreds of years ago, Mathiyana Maa was a girl who married a Tibetan prince but her stepmother with few relatives killed her husband. When her husband was burned in Rudraprayag she also get sati then she became a goddess and take revenge against all murderers. 

Location & How to Reach Mathiyana Devi Temple

You can reach Maa Mathiyana Devi Mandir by Taxi which you will get from Rudraprayag. Maa Mathiyana Devi temple is located at the top of the hill and you have to walk around 3 to  4 km uphill. Not everyone dare to walk almost slant hill, But you are lucky if  you do so and will be feel blessed. On the holy Hindu festival of Navratre many  pilgrims from all over the world visit to take blessings from goddess. 

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What is Mathiyana Devi Temple famous for?

Mathiyana Devi Temple is popular place for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Devi Temples, Hill Station, Temples.