Divya Shila

About Divya Shila

Divya Shila, also known as ‘slab of divine light’, is a pious stone or pillar located near Yamunotri and Surya Kund. The devotees visiting Yamunotri temple have to worship Divya Shila before entering the temple premises. 

In Yamunotri townnear Yamunotri temple

Divya Shila in Yamunotri

Worshiping Divya Shala is a part of the puja ritual at Yamunotri temple. Although it’s not mandatory, it is advised to follow the rituals to successfully complete the pooja.

Devotees first take bath in Surya Kund, the holy hot water spring. They then tie rice and potatoes in a cloth and dip it in the spring to cook it. The cooked rice and potatoes is offered at Divya Shila for worship and then taken inside the temple. The foods are taken to their homes as prasad.

Location & How to Reach Divya Shila

The route to Divya Shila follows that of Yamunotri trek

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What is Divya Shila famous for?

Divya Shila is popular place for following activities/ interests - Religious.

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