Ashrams & Dharamshalas in Yamunotri Route

Yamunotri Ashrams and Dharamshala

Seated at an elevation of 3,292 m,  Yamunotri is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites and forms one of the four sites of the pious Chota Char Dham yatra. The beautiful town of Yamunotri is surrounded by the lofty Garhwal Himalayas with River Yamuna flowing serenely alongside it. Yamunotri is famous for its glaciers, hot water springs, and the sacred Yamunotri Temple.

Every year, thousands of pilgrims travel to Yamunotri to offer their prayers to Goddess Yamuna at Yamunotri Temple. To reach Yamunotri, one has to trek for a distance of 6 km from Jankichatti. Jankichatti is a scenic town famous for its thermal springs.

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Yamunotri is a popular tourist destination and various accommodation options are available there. Below are some budget dharamshalas located in and around Yamunotri. The dharamshalas and ashrams offer good accommodation facilities along with easily available food options.

Along with dharamshalas in Yamunotri, you will also find good accommodation option in Janki Chatti, Hanuman Chatti, PhoolChatti, and Syanachatti that falls en route Yamunotri.

Jankichatti is the last motorable village leading to Yamunotri. From Jankichatti, travelers have to trek a distance of 6  km to reach Yamunotri. The picturesque village of Jankichatti is renowned for its rejuvenating thermal springs and mesmerizing surroundings.

Below are some renowned Dharamshalas in Yamunotri

1. Ramanand Ashram in Yamunotri

Ramanand Ashram is a renowned Dharamshala in Yamunotri run by Rambharose Das, who is famously known as Nepali Baba. The  Dharamshala has around 30 rooms charging Rs.300-700 per room. The rooms are comfortable and basic amenities are provided in the rooms. There are 8 rooms available at Ramanand Ashram.

2. Kali Kamli Dharamshala in Yamunotri

Located in Yamunotri, Kali Kamli Dharamshala is one of the most famous dharamshalas in Yamunotri. The Dharamshala plays a  vital role in the accommodation of pilgrims visiting Yamunotri. You can enjoy a  peaceful stay with marvelous views at Kali Kamli Dharamshala. Kali  Kamli Dharamshala in Yamunotri includes 8 economical rooms for the pilgrims.

Head office- Rishikesh

3. Yamuna Ashram in Yamunotri

Located just 50 m from Yamunotri Temple, Yamuna Ashram is an ideal accommodation option for individuals, groups, and families. The Dharamshala is surrounded by exquisite beauty and offers clean and comfortable rooms to pilgrims. Along with accommodation, Yamuna Ashram also offers healthy vegetarian food to the pilgrims. A total of 35 rooms are available in the Dharamshala.

Phone number : +91 94103 30249, +91 76682  56927, +91 94129 46910

4. Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala in Yamunotri

Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala is a well maintained  Dharamshala located in Yamunotri. The Dharamshala offers good accommodation facilities to the pilgrims with well-maintained rooms. Transportation is easily available from the Dharamshala and pilgrims can enjoy a relaxed stay here.

5. Kalindi Ashram in Yamunotri

Kalindi Ashram is a popular Dharamshala located in Yamunotri. Located amidst the beautiful mountains, the Dharamshala offers a convenient stay to the pilgrims and ensures that the pilgrims feel comfortable throughout their stay.

Ashrams in Jankichatti

1. Arvind Ashram in Jankichatti

Located in Jankichatti, Arvind Ashram is a  budget hotel that offers good accommodation facilities to the pilgrims. The rooms are well maintained and comfortable and basic amenities like attached bathroom, room service, hot water, TV, laundry service, etc. are provided. Along with a comfortable stay, travelers can also enjoy the delicious dishes prepared at the restaurant. 

2. Bahugana Yatri Niwas Dharamshala in Jankichatti

Bahugana Yatri Niwas is a peaceful  Dharamshala located in Jankichatti, en-route Yamunotri. The Dharamshala offers clean and comfortable rooms with basic facilities. The budget accommodation option at Bahugana Yatri Niwas is an ideal stay for family and groups.

Some other Ashrams in Jankichatti are: Birla Ashram (located on the route of Yamunotri Trek), Markandeya Ashram, 

Most of the dharamshalas that we have mentioned are located in Yamunotri and its nearby places like Jankichatti. Along with dharamshalas, there is also another accommodation option like hotels and guest houses around Yamunotri that you can choose to try. However, the above-mentioned dharamshalas are cheap and offer dormitory services too which may be useful for many travelers. For any queries, you can call the dharamshalas and if you aren’t able to connect to them, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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