Operation Maryada in Uttarakhand

What is Operation Maryada?

Uttarakhand Police chief Ashok Kumar said they welcome all the tourists at revered religious places and other tourist spots. Tourists are expected to respect the sanctity of the religious places and the rich culture of the state. They are also expected to help in maintaining the cleanliness of such places. 

To stop such incidents in the state, the operation has been launched under which strict action would be taken against all such people. Those found littering tourist places would also be fined.

Learn about Operation Maryada initiated by Uttarakhand Police.

Some Highlights of Operation Maryada

  • Operation Maryada was started on 15 July 2021
  • Team of 10 policemen will be stationed at Ganga Ghats of Haridwar
  • Operation Maryada will teach a lesson to the rioters
  • Teams are formed in all districts of Uttarakhand
  • The rioters will be arrested immediately.
  • Banners were put up in Haridwar, warning strict action against those involved in hooliganism in religious places.
 Uttarakhand Police : Policemen on duty in Haridwar Ghats for Operation Maryada

Why Operation Maryada started by Uttarakhand Police?

For the past several days, several incidents of obscenity by playing songs on the speaker at Ganga Ghats in Dharmanagri, drinking hookah by placing it on the feet of Ganga in Har ki Paidi area, doing gimmicks on behalf of fake eunuchs and celebrating birthday party have come to the fore.

Action was also taken against many people in these cases, but now to save the glory of Ganga Ghats, the police has started Operation Maryada. Under this campaign, 10 policemen will be deployed at Ganga Ghats. These policemen will now roam the Ganga Ghats for 24 hours and will take action against those who create disturbance here.

 Uttarakhand Police : Creative digital banners by Uttarakhand Police for Social media

Operation Maryada in Uttarakhand Travel Tips

  • Keep the sanctity of the place your visiting
  • Respect the local and their cultures
  • Do not drink or smoke in open
  • Do not litter anywhere in Uttarakhand whether it is religious places, rivers, hill stations, mountains or meadows
  • Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Uttarakhand and keep them clean so that others can also enjoy the same

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