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Kedarnath Helicopter Services 2023

Kedarnath Helicopter Tickets Booking Guide

Helicopter services for 2023 Shri Kedarnath Dham Yatra will be booked through the official IRCTC website only. Beware of touts, fake websites and travel agents who claim to be authorized agents for booking helicopter tickets for Kedarnath shuttle heli service from Sirsi, Phata or Kedarnath.

Official Website for Kedarnath Helicopter Shuttle Service:

How and where to book helicopter tickets for Kedarnath 2023

  • The booking can be done only through the official authorized website of Uttarakhand Govt i.e. IRCTC
  • Complete your Chardham Yatra Registration on
  • Create Heliyatra account to check seat availability using Registration Number / Group ID
  • Choose desired departure slot & complete your booking with online payment mode of your choice
  • Carry the IRCTC Heliyatra ticket to the assigned Helipad location & start your Kedarnath Yatra
  • Tourists will be required to book the ticket for specific date/time slot.
  • Registration is necessary on the website to book the ticket.
  • Once the booking is successful, the tourist must carry a hard copy/ print out of the ticket. Ticket in digital form will not be accepted.
  • Each of the passenger should carry a valid ID proof.

Registration is required for Kedarnath Heli Yatra

Pilgrims are required to register in Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board website, for visiting holy shrine of Shri Kedarnath Dham. Registration is mandatory for booking helicopter services. Kindly register as per your helicopter booking dates.

Kedarnath Luxury Helicopter 2023 Tour Packages ex-Dehradun

Apart from shuttle Heli service to Kedarnath mentioned above, some of the other Heli companies offer same tour luxury tour packages for Kedarnath - Badrinath as well as Char Dham from Dehradun.

Char Dham Luxury Charter Helicopter Tour
Badrinath Kedarnath - Do Dham Helicopter Same Day Tour
5 Nights Char Dham Yatra Tour ex-Dehradun
Same Day Kedarnath & Badrinath ex-Dehradun

The booking of shuttle tickets for Helicopter services to Kedarnath has started and the booking can be done through IRCTC website. Kindly note that IRCTC is the only authorized website for booking Kedarnath heli service from Phata, Sirsi or Guptkashi. No other website or agency is authorised to book tickets to Kedarnath Helicopter. However, if you are interested in Do Dham or Char Dham heli services from Dehradun, you can book them through various helicopter companies.

Authorized Heli Companies for 2023

The Helicopter services to Kedarnath will begin on 1 May 2023. Last year, the administration had given permission to nine aviation companies to operate Heli services from Sirsi, Phata & Guptkashi Helipads. 

This year following heli companies have been authorized to fly choppers to Kedarnath. Choppers of Trans Bharat Aviation and Aryan Aviation will fly from Guptkashi Helipad, Helicopters of Pawan Hans, Kestrel Aviation, Thumby Aviation and Global Vectra Helicorp will fly from Phata Helipad while Arrow Aircrafts, Himalayan Heli Services and Kestral Aviation will fly from Sirsi Helipad.

Latest Price of Heli Tickets to Kedarnath

The cost of Helicopter Tickets for Kedarnath has been fixed by the government. This year, the one way ticket starts at Rs 2340 (from Sirsi) and return ticket would cost Rs 4680 (from Sirsi).

Helicopter Shuttle Charges to Kedarnath 2023 
Helicopter Route(Helipad)
Round Trip Cost 
Phata to Kedarnath- Phata
Rs 5500
Sirsi to Kedarnath- Sirsi
Rs 5498
Guptkashi to Kedarnath- Guptkashi
Rs 7740

Kedarnath Temple Miniature 3D model

How and Where to Book Kedarnath Helicopter Tickets Online?

Kedarnath Heli Services booking has started for 1 May to 7 May 2023. Booking opening date for journeys beyond 7th May 2023 will be informed later.

Pilgrims and Tourists can book helicopter tickets for Kedarnath from here:
This is the only authorized website to book Kedarnath helicopter tickets. Do not fall prey of touts and bogus agents for heli tickets for Kedarnath heli shuttle service from Sirsi, Phata or Guptkashi.

Being situated at an astonishing elevation of 3553 Meter, Kedarnath temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of lord shiva and also the part of char dham yatra of Uttarakhand but is not easy to access by all pilgrims. The motorable road towards Kedarnath stretches till Gauri Kund. Only way to reach the temple is long 18 km trek from Gauri Kund. 

There are many aged people who are not able to travel the long trek route and Kedarnath Helicopter services are best suited to them. These helicopter services have now become a preferred mode of travel by many pilgrims who don’t want to take the road journey. Thousands of pilgrims and travelers each year visit Kedarnath through this mode of travel. 

Every year Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority (UCADA) launch tender dates for Helicopter service providing companies those who are interested in giving their helicopter services in char dham yatra routes of Uttarakhand. UCADA release tender info on their website. Those companies who got selected in tender bids are being awarded as an authority to give Helicopter services for a particular period of time in a particular region.

Offers on Kedarnath Tour Packages

About Heli Yatra IRCTC Website

Kedarnath helicopter tickets (Shuttle service) will be booked by IRCTC only. For this they have created the online booking website. This site can be accessed in various languages like English, Hind, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

IRCTC Kedarnath helicopter Booking Helicopter booking opens on 18th April 2023 at 12:00 PM noon.

IRCTC recently signed an MoU with Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority (UCADA) for a period of 5 years for providing Helicopter ticket booking service to the pilgrims of Shri Kedarnath Dham.

IRCTC Official Website for Kedarnath Helicopter Booking:

General Instructions by IRCTC for Passengers

  • Chardham Yatra Registration on Uttarakhand Govt. Portal is mandatory to book Helicopter Service online. If not already registered, please open the following link:
  • For Sign Up or Create an account, validate your e-Mail ID and Mobile No. through OTP on User ID/Booker ID will be your registered Mobile No. and you will need to create your own password. You can then login to for booking online Helicopter ticket.
  • Enter Group ID to book tickets for multiple pilgrims or enter Unique Registration Number to book Helicopter Service for a single person.
  • Maximum 02 (two) Helicopter Tickets can be booked per User/Booker ID with maximum six passengers (06 Nos.) per Ticket i.e. an User/Booker can book for a group of maximum 12 passengers on 2 tickets with a single User ID/Booker ID.
  • For booking tickets for a group with more than 12 passengers, the User/Booker will be required to Signup with another User ID/Booker ID on, if already available or create another User ID/Booker ID for booking tickets for a group with more than 12 passengers.
  • Helicopter Bookings are only allowed for (Tour Date -3 & Tour Date +2) based on Tour Date of Shri Kedarnath Dham provided in Char Dham Yatra Registration. For example- For Tour date of 05th May for Shri Kedarnath Dham, booking can be done between 02nd May to 07th May = 06 Days.
  • Age of child equal to 02 years & above will be provided with a seat and will be charged full fare which is equal to adult fare. For infant less than 02 years, no fare will be charged and no seat will be provided to the infant.
  • Maximum 02 child passengers and 02 infants only are allowed per sortie. For example - One sortie can accommodate maximum- 02 Children + 02 Infants + 04 Adults subject to weight permissibility and other conditions applicable for Helicopter operation. Infant weight is calculated along with the accompanied passenger and additional charges will be applicable for any extra weight i.e. Rs. 150/per kg for additional weight above 80 Kgs (infant+accompanied passenger).
  • Ticket is valid with original ID proof (for all Passengers i.e. Adult/Children/Infants), (For infants- Birth Certificate/Adhaar) as submitted at the time of ticket booking. Screenshot of printed ticket, half printed ticket, etc. will be considered as fake/invalid tickets. Any ticket found fake or duplicate will not be allowed to fly. Such persons may be detained by law enforcing agencies.
  • It is mandatory to reach Helipad at least One hour before booked slot time. Further, passengers are advised to reach the entry point Two hours before for comfortable check-in & security check process. For example- if booking slot is 06:00 to 09:00 hrs., then all passengers booked on ticket should reach the Helipad boarding point by 05:00 hours.
  • Seating of the passengers will depend on the helicopter load / sortie planning. A group may be accommodated in separate helicopters depending on operational requirement.
  • Passenger Weight (Adult, Child & Infant) will be weighed before issue of boarding pass by the Helicopter Operator. The weight of infant will be added to the accompanied passenger. The passenger/passenger along with infant weighing more than 80 kgs will have to pay an additional amount of Rs. 150/kg for extra weight. Weight will be calculated individually and will not be offset with another passenger or infant. Passenger denying to pay additional charges of weight may not be allowed to board.
  • Dynamic Pricing on Helicopter Tickets is applicable as per the policy of UCADA.

Many aviation companies offer helicopter services for Kedarnath at reasonable prices. You can book your advance tickets online and avail the service.

List of Helipads in Kedarnath Region

1. Sersi Helipad for Kedarnath Helicopter service

  • Distance from Kedarnath : 23 kms
  • Time taken to reach Kedarnath via Chopper : 11 minutes
  • Ticket Price : Rs 5498 (return ticket)
  • Location :  Sirsi village, 7 kms from Phata
  • Altitude : 6500 feet
  • Accommodation : Budget & deluxe rooms facility available at Sirsi itself and nearby towns like Guptkashi, Phata, Rampur & Sonprayag.

Sirsi is the nearest helipad to Kedarnath, it takes around 11 minutes to reach the shrine. It is situated in a hamlet called Sirsi. It was inaugurated in 2002 by Mr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma & Wangchuk Shamshu. It is on the way of Kedarnath. Click to know how to reach Kedarnath.

Click to Know more about Sirsi village & Sirsi Helipad

2. Phata Helipad for Kedarnath Helicopter service

  • Distance from Kedarnath : 31 Kms
  • Time taken to reach Kedarnath via Chopper : 9 minutes 
  • Ticket Price :  Rs. 5500 (return ticket)
  • First flight timing : 6:30 am
  • Location :  14 kms from Guptkashi
  • Altitude : 4921 feet
  • Accommodation : Budget & deluxe rooms facility available at Phata itself and nearby locations like Guptkashi

Phata to Kedarnath aerial journey is a nine minute ride. You can book tickets through both online and offline ways. Phata is one of the busiest helipad for Kedarnath because of its location. Many helicopter companies provide their chopper services from this helipad.

Click to know more about Phata

3. Guptkashi Helipad for Kedarnath Helicopter service

  • Distance from Kedarnath : 46 kms
  • Time taken to reach Kedarnath via Chopper : 15 minutes 
  • Ticket Price :  Rs. 7750 (return ticket)
  • First flight timing : 6:30 am
  • Location :  In Narayankoti
  • Altitude : approx 4800 ft 
  • Accommodation : Guptkashi is a major halt towards Kedarnath. Lots of budget, deluxe & luxury rooms facility is available at Guptkashi.

Guptkashi to Kedarnath areal journey is about 15 minutes. Guptkashi is a major town & city before Kedarnath which is well connected by public transport. If offers multiple hotels and medical facilities to pilgrims which makes Guptkashi helipad a preferred helipad to tourists. Narayankoti is about 2 kms from Guptkashi towards Phata. Helipad at Narayankoti is at approx 4800 ft.

Click to know more about Guptkasi

4. Sitapur Helipad for Kedarnath Helicopter service

  • Distance from Kedarnath : 22 kms
  • Time taken to reach Kedarnath via Chopper : 5 to 7 minutes
  • Ticket Price :  to be updated
  • First flight timing : 6:30 am
  • Location :  7km before Gaurikund
  • Accommodation :  Budget and Deluxe room facility is available at Sitapur itself and nearby locations like Guptkashi, Phata & Sonprayag

Sitapur helipad is about 26 km ahead of Guptkashi from where you can start your aerial ride to Kedarnath. You can book your chopper ticket through both online and offline mode. The ride take 5 to 7 minutes to reach Kedarnath.

Click to know more about Sitapur

5. Augustmuni helipad For Kedarnath Helicopter service

  • Distance from Kedarnath : 70 kms
  • Time taken to reach Kedarnath via Chopper : 15 to 20 minutes
  • Ticket Price :  to be updated
  • First flight timing : 6:30 am
  • Location :  Play ground near police station Augustya muni
  • Altitude : 3280 feet
  • Accommodation : Budget & deluxe rooms facility available at Augustya Muni itself and at the nearby town Rudraprayag.

The Helipad of Augustmuni is situated on the left side of Rudraprayag - Kedarnath highway near police station. It is about 160 kms from Rishikesh. Earlier Pawan Hans was operating helicopter services to Kedarnath from this helipad. The flight departing time from Augustyamuni is 6.30 am to 11.10 am. A 5-seater Bell 407 helicopter is being used from this Helipad which takes 45 minutes for a round trip.

Check how to reach & other info on Augustmuni

6. Dehradun to Kedarnath Helicopter service

  • Distance from Kedarnath : 266 kms
  • Time taken to reach Kedarnath via Chopper : Depends on Package halts.
  • Ticket Price :  to be updated
  • First flight timing : 6:30 am
  • Location :  Sahastradhara, Dehradun
  • Altitude : 2175 feet
  • Accommodation : Budget, deluxe & luxury rooms facility available at Dehradun itself.

Direct helicopter service from Dehradun to Kedarnath is also operational but the cost of the seat could be higher because of its long distance from Kedarnath. Many aviation companies sell the char dham package direct from Dehradun which includes many halts on the way. 

Aviation Companies for Helicopter services to Kedarnath

Untill last year, booking for heli services to Kedarnath from Phata, Sirsi and Guptkashi were also directly available from the approved operators below. However, this year, the bookings can be done from the govt website only.

1. Aryan Aviation

Aryan aviation is the leading aviation company which is providing their chopper services to Kedarnath. Aryan aviation Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed non-scheduled helicopter services company promoted by Ex-services pilot who have been part of civil aviation industry for past 15 years.Aryan aviation is flying pilgrims by one 5 seator Eurocopter AS350B3 and one 5 seater Bell 407 helicopter from Narayankoti near Guptkashi.

  • Flight originate from: Narayankoti, Guptkashi (Kindly check with Aryan Aviation for updates)
  • Shuttle service for Kedarnath cost : To be updated
  • Office Address:  7, Koldongri CHS,  Sahar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400099

Website of Aryan Aviation:

2. Pawan Hans

Pawan Hans is one of the regular Heli service provider to Shri Kedarnath Dham. They use 6-seater Bell 407/ Ecureuil B3 helicopters from Phata. Pawan Hans Limited has been awarded contract for operating helicopter services for Shri Kedarnath Ji yatra 2021 from Phata. 

  • Flight originate from: Phata
  • Office Address: Pawan Hans Limited C-14, Sector, 1, Block C, Sector 1, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Website for Pawan Hans:

3. Himalayan Heli

Himalayn Heli is one of the experienced companies which were providing the helicopter services to Kedarnath. It was also awarded as operator of the year 2015 at BizAvIndia ath side lines of Banglore Aero India Show 2015.

Same Day and Next Day Return: Rs 4950 (Sersi - Kedarnath - Sersi)
One Way Ticket: Rs 2470 (Sersi - Kedarnath or Kedarnath - Sersi)

  • Flight originate from: Sersi
  • Shuttle service for Kedarnath cost : To be updated
  • Head Office Address: Himalayan Heli Services Pvt. Ltd.7, Local Shopping Centre, Madangir, New Delhi, Delhi 110062, India

Website of Himalayan Heli Services:

4. UT Air India

UTair India is a private limited Company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 headquartered at New Delhi. It is An ISO 9001 : 2015 certified Company with highest degree of maintenance and safety standards. UTair India is a subsidiary of UTair Aviation JSC, Russia, the biggest helicopter company and a major world helicopter operator. The Indian Company is responsible for promoting the helicopter business of the Group in South East Asia.

  • Flight originate from: Phata
  • Shuttle service for Kedarnath cost : to be updated
  • Head Office Address: UTair Inida, Office No.2, 24, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi – 110001, INDIA

Website of UT Air India:

5. Arrow Air Craft

Arrow Aircraft is the preferred choice when you are looking for Safety, Integrity and Efficiency for Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter. Give yourself the experience of a lifetime, see the breathtaking aerial view of the Kedarnath Dham. Arrow Aircraft is India’s leading boutique aviation company in the business aviation segment. Arrow operates in five key segments – Aircraft Charters, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Management & Acquisition Advisory, Jet Aviation MRO services and Char Dham Yatra.

Gupta Kashi – Kedarnath – Gupta Kashi (same day and overnight options available)
Day-to-day timings: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Approx. 20 trips in one day (subject to weather and other technical conditions)
Type of Helicopter: Bell 407 (Please click here for Passenger Briefing Card)
Seating capacity: 6 passengers
Average trip time: 7 minutes (One-way)

  • Flight originate from: Guptkashi
  • Head Office Address: Arrow Air Crafts, 503, G+5 Building, Opp. Terminal 1C, Domestic Airport, New Delhi-110037, India

Official Website of Arrow Air Craft:

Other Helicopter Operators which offered services to Kedarnath in past years

Heritage Aviation
Heritage Aviation is one of the fastest growing aviation companies of Uttarakhand. They offer their Heli services in Kedarnath too. 

  • Flight originate from: Dehradun
  • Shuttle service for Kedarnath cost : As per the package requirement
  • Office Address: Heritage Aviation Private Limited, SU 22,23,24, Bhikaji Cama Bhavan, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110091, India

SAR Aviation
Sar aviation is one of the few companies those are providing helicopter services on Char dham routes including Kedarnat. They operate Chardham Yatra Helicopter Service on Power-full, Sophisticated and  Comfortable  Bell 407 / AS350B3 Helicopters.They are approved by DGCA, Govt of India to operate Non-Scheduled Air Transport Service and  CAR-145 by the Director of Airworthiness (NR) to perform maintenance functions at IGI Airport Terminal-I, next to hangar no.4. 

  • Flight originate from: Sahastradhara, Dehradun
  • Shuttle service for Kedarnath cost : To be updated
  • Office Address: 401 G+5 Building, IGI Airport, New Delhi 110037

Transbharat Aviation
Transbharat is also providing its helicopter services from Guptkashi and Sersi Helipad towards Kedarnath. Which takes almost 8 - 10 minutes to reach Kedarnath

  • Flight originate from: Guptkashi & Sersi
  • Office Address: 8/23,Ground Floor, Mehram Nagar, Opp. Domestic IGI Airport, NewDelhi-110037

Thumby Aviation
Led by Gp Capt. KNG Nair, an Indian Air force Veteran with a rich experience in aviation.
Address: Thumby Aviation Pvt. Ltd., Juhu Old Airport, Near Nanavati Hospital, SV Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai - 400 045, India

Others are: Bolt Aircraft Sales and Charter, Premair, Apex Aviation, Summit Aviation, Bajaj Aviation, Indocopters 

Why visit Kedarnath by Helicopter?

Following are some of the benefits by taking chopper for Kedarnath Dham visit.

  1. When you fly to Kedarnath your journey is cut down to an hour and helicopter lands close to the temple site making the whole journey comfortable and convenient. 
  2. The highlight of helicopter journey is that you get the aerial view of the scenic location, which you don’t get to see on the road journey.
  3. Darshan to Kedarnath temple becomes easy as helicopter Kedarnath Yatras enjoy the privilege of priority darshan on payment of extra charges. 
  4. Kedarnath journey is a tough one for aged, kids or physically weak but Kedarnath Helicopter Yatra in one day journey has made it easy for them.
  5. The Kedarnath yatra through helicopter is totally worth the money. The expense that one has to bear in surface travel is relatively the same.
  6. The helicopter journey to Kedarnath is a totally different experience. The view of snow clad peaks as the helicopter soar up in the sky is a treat for the eyes. The adventure lovers who love to enjoy the scenic beauty of Uttarakhand should surely take the trek route to Kedarnath from Gaurikund. 
  7. By road or by helicopter, you must once in your lifetime travel to Kedarnath and allure the beauty that this place offers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Helicopters for Kedarnath Yatra

Q1. Is there any Helicopter service for Kedarnath temple?
Yes, every year thousands of tourists visit Kedarnath by using chopper service.

Q2. How to book Helicopter ticket to Kedarnath temple for 2023 Yatra?
Helicopter service to Kedarnath can be booked through IRCTC website only. 

Q3. From which locations of Uttarakhand, Helicopter service to Kedarnath is available?
Sirsi, Phata, Gupkashi helipads are operational for Kedarnath heli services. Check aviation companies site for operational helipads

Q4. Which helipad for Kedarnath is closest to the railway station & airport?
Sehastradhara helipad at Dehradun is closest to both railhead & airport at a distance of less than an hour.

Q5. What document should I need for availing Kedarnath Helicopter service?
Chopper ticket, weight & Aadhar card or ID proof, Char Dham biometric registration and medical checkup.

Q6. What is the minimum ticket price for Kedarnath Helicopter service?
Earlier it was around 3500 for one side from Sirsi but it all depends on aviation companies to fluctuating price. 

Q7. How many kgs of baggage per passenger is permitted?
Only 5 kg per person, please do not carry big suitcases.

Q8. Is there any ticket concession for children?
Children above the age of 2 years will be considered a full ticket and no etc seat for children below 2 years. Please check your aviation company for full terms & conditions.

Q9. How much time I will get for Darshan in case if I book returned ticket too?
About 2 hours, but it also depends on your aviation company too. For return, you have to check in at Kedarnath helipad, a number will be provided to you by authorities and you have to wait in a queue for your term. The process may take place more than 2 hours at Kedarnath Helipad.

Q10. What is the distance between Kedarnath Helipad & the temple?
500 meter or 15 minutes’ walk. In case if you are unable to trek then you can book Pithhus/Palkis for yourself.

Q11. How much time it takes to reach Kedarnath by Helicopter.
A. Hardly 5 to 7 minutes from nearest Helipad Sirsi and about 15 minutes from Guptkashi (except Dehradun Helipad). 

Q12. Can I buy only a one-way ticket to Kedarnath?

Q13. Are the Camera and mobile phone is allowed during the Helicopter ride?

Q14. Are there any chances of flight cancellation?
Yes, because of bad weather conditions. It is requested you to get prepared for conditions like flight cancellation, instant rainfall/snowfall & extreme cold weather. Carry essentials things like woolen clothes, raincoat, waterproof shoes, gloves, etc pair of socks, etc.

Latest News & Updates for Kedarnath Helicopter services 2023

20 Apr 2023: Kedarnath helicopter tickets can only be booked online from IRCTC Heli Yatra website.
01 Apr 2022: The online ticket booking for Kedarnath helicopter service will start from 4 April 2022, with same ticket price as of last year.
25 March: The online ticket booking for Kedarnath helicopter service will start from 1 April 2021, with same ticket price as of last year.
10 October 2020: 540 Pilgrims visit Kedarnath temple by helicopter on the second day.
09 October 2020: 727 Pilgrims visit Kedarnath temple by helicopter on the first day of helicopter services continues.
09 October 2020: Helicopter services continue for Kedarnath Temple from 09 October 2020.

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Kedarnath Helicopter Services 2023 Travel Tips

  • Book Kedarnath helicopter ticket from authorized and reputed travel agent only
  • Or Directly book from Helicopter website
  • Check weather before booking helicopter ticket or consult a tour operator
  • Never book helicopter ticket fro the month of July and August

Kedarnath Tour Packages

3 Days Kedarnath Badrinath Do Dham Yatra by Helicopter
3 Days / 2 Nights
₹. 130,000.00    ₹ 125,000.00
Char Dham Luxury Helicopter Tour Package ex-Dehradun
6 Days / 5 Nights
₹. 195,000.00    ₹ 185,000.00

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