Soham Heritage Art Centre, Photo: Kashi Devasthanam

Soham Heritage Art Centre

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About Soham Heritage Art Centre

The Soham Heritage and Art Centre showcases the culture and tradition of Himalayas through paintings on canvasses, sculptures, frescoes, murals and scrap art. This art centre has been developed with the aim of displaying the diversity and wisdom of the Himalayas in a single place through various art forms.

Pahadi Cap by Soham Heritage Art Centre

On Dhanaulti RoadChamunda Peeth Temple Road Big Bend Bala Hisar, Mussoorie,
3 kms / 9 mins
From Library Bus Stand, Cart Road, The Mall Road, Mussoorie
1 hr

Soham Heritage Art Centre in Mussoorie

One can see the spiritual aspect of the Himalayas dominating the art forms, and can visualize the religion and culture of the tribal communities, the folklore and the traditions through numerous objects and artifacts. The art centre also includes an exhibition of the jewellery, traditional tools and household goods and wildlife of the Himalayan regions. An audio-visual journey of Uttarakhand is in the process of completion. This place will surely interest the art conoisseurs, as these art pieces and some other materials are for sale too.

This new beautiful tourist attraction is strategically located in the midst of Oak and Deodar forest, around 3 kms from Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie. The place is well decorated to give a regional look with an attempt to restore all that is one the verge of extintion, like woodcraft, agricultural equipments, musical instruments, jewllery, utensils, etc.

About Kashi Devasthanam

Kashi Devasthanam is the Cultural Habitat which showcases the Himalayan culture and tradition through Paintings, Murals, Sculptures and other Art forms. it offers a beautiful and awe striking fusion of art, located away from the hustle-bustle of the Mussoorie City. KASHI DEVASTHANAM in Mussoorie is a A Cultural Gateway To The Himalayas.

This newly built attraction in Mussoorie is built by Mr. Sameer Shukl and Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita Shukla. It fulfills the interests and likings of people of all the ages and mindsets.

Kashi Devasthanam works on following four sections:

  •   SOHAM Heritage & Art Centre: showcases the culture and tradition of Himalayas through paintings on canvasses, sculptures, frescoes, murals and scrap art.
  • Sri Chamunda Peeth Temple: which is a Shiva-Shakti shrine - a pious venue for rituals, yoga and meditation – truly radiates the glory of the Himalayas.
  • Himalayan Banjare: undertakes treks, road trips and theme-based excursions through the majestic mountains, rough-and-rocky passes and pleasant valleys.
  • SHAKTI: imparts free education on a personal level to the children of the poor and underprivileged section of the society.

Kashi Devasthanam has built itself into an added attraction to the city which is everyone's favourite. This place would lure you by its charm, engulf you by its energetic vibes, satisfy your mind and soul and 'complete' your visit to Mussoorie in all aspects.

Uttarakhandi Brahamkamal Cap by Soham Himalayan Centre

Pahadi Brahamkamal Cap designed by Mr Sameer Shukla, founder of Soham Himalayan Center, gave a new look to the traditional pahadi cap of Uttarahand. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen wearning this cap during the Republic Day Parade 2022 and several other political rallies during Uttarakhand State Election 2022.

Pahadi Cap

About Sri Chamunda Peeth in Kashi Devasthanam

Sri Chamunda Peeth Temple was set up in 1998 in the premises of Kashi Devasthanam, is an ideal venue for yoga, meditation rituals and religious practices. It incorporates the Shiva and Shakti temples as these mighty and majestic Himalayas are said to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

An Akhand Dhuni (Eternal Flame) stays lit in the temple of Devi Chamunda. The Tantra values have also been carefully preserved in this temple in the form of the Shri Yantra, which is made of 8 metals (Ashtadhaatu).

The local inhabitants of the mountains from high in the north to the other end in the northeast praise and worship the 3 main divine powers Naag devta, Ghantakarna and Lord Bhairav. All the three gods find a place in the premises.

Also in the Dhyan mandir (Meditation Room) one will find a wonderful depiction of the ‘oneness’ of divinity, with Shirdi Sai Baba seated between two religious insignias from Mecca and Jerusalem.

Visiting hours: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Location and How to Reach: Soham Heritage and Art Centre is located just 3 kms from Gandhi Chowk (Library) and 1 km from Picture Palace in Mussoorie.

Read the interview with Mr Sameer Shukla, the founder of Soham Heritage & Art Centre.

Contact Address for Kashi Devasthanam and Soham Heritage Art Centre

Kashi Devasthanam
 Bala Hisar (Big Bend)
 Mussoorie - 248179
Uttarakhand, India
Contact No: +91-9897979151 (Mr. Sameer Shukl)

Location of Soham Heritage Art Centre

Soham Heritage Art Centre is located in On Dhanaulti Road ( Chamunda Peeth Temple Road Big Bend Bala Hisar, Mussoorie,).

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