Bhadraj Temple

About Bhadraj Temple

Located at Bhadraj in the western region of Mussorie, Bhadraj Temple is a quaint temple dedicated to Lord Bal Bhadra (also known as Balram), brother of Sri Krishna. Bhadraj Temple is situated at the hilltop and the air and the atmosphere of the place feels calm and peaceful.

Near Mussoorie11 km trek from Clouds End, Mussoorie

Bhadraj Temple in Mussoorie

Significance  of Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj Temple is a very pious temple and a part of Badrinath Temple. It is believed that the pilgrims visiting Bhadraj Temple receive the same blessings as that of the pilgrims visiting Badrinath Temple. Pilgrims praying at the temple with devotion are grated their wishes. 

Puja at  Bhadraj Temple

Devotees offer milk, butter, ghee, and products made from ghee at the temple. The idol of Lord Balram is cleaned and purified with milk and nothing else. It is not allowed to visit the temple after consuming eggs, meat, or alcohol. Every year the committee of Bhadraj Temple organize a fair from 15th-17th August. The annual fair attracts a large number of devotees from in and around Mussoorie. The fair showcases the unique culture and traditions of the people and is a great way to revisit their roots and bond with others.

Mythology  of Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj Temple was constructed in the Dwapar Yug after the great Mahabharat war. After the war, all the gods, kings, and soldiers left for their place of worship. Lord Balram also started his journey for penance. He came across this beautiful spot in Binhar and was filled with immense joy. The people of Binhar took good care of their cows and were very hospitable. All this qualities fostered in him a special affection for the place and the people and he meditated here for quite a long period of time.He taught the shepherds some tactics of war and left for Badrinath after his penance.

He promised the people that he would come back to Bhadraj in the form of a stone to take care of the people, the cows, and bless the people. After a few years, a person named Nandu Mehra while looking for ayurvedic medicines by digging at the banks of River Yamuna heard a voice asking him to take him out. He was scared and called his friends to help him with the digging. They found a statue of Lord Balram. Nandu heard another voice where he was instructed to carry the statue and place it in a high altitude spot.

Nandu was reluctant to carry such a heavy statue and upon knowing about his doubts, the voice advised him to place it at the spot wherever it feels heavy. The statue was very light and became extremely heavy upon reaching Bhadraj. And that’s where the temple was placed.On his way to the hilltop, Nandu was thirsty and the voice asked him to go ahead and remove dirt and stones from the spot. After doing so, he found water in that place. The place is found even today. It’s located at Matogi village in Binhar where the water level remains the same throughout the year.

Bhadraj  Temple Trek

The trek to Bhadraj Temple can either be completed in one day or two days. If you wish to complete it in one day, then you must begin early in the morning. We recommend you complete the trek in two days and camp overnight.

Day 1:  Library End - Dudhil (7kms/3-4hrs)
You’ll start the trek from Library End in Mussoorie. From Library End you’ll walk towards Cloud’s End covering a distance of around 5.5kms. The path from Library End goes through beautiful Victorian-style buildings. The trial is decent with greenery and cool winds accompanying you. After reaching Cloud’s End you’ll hike towards Dudhli also known as The Milkman’s Village. Dudhli provides buffalo milk to Mussorie and hence the name. The view from Dudhli is mesmerising. You can camp at Dudhil and start your journey towards Bhadraj Temple the next morning.

Day 2: Dudhil - Bhadraj Temple - Cloud’s End (16kms/8-10hrs)
An early morning trek from Dudhil will take you around 3hrs to reach Bhadraj Temple. The trail with its sharp ascent is a bit exhausting. However the view from the temple at the top of the hill makes the climb worth it. You can leave for Cloud’s End on the same day.

Location of Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj Temple is located in Near Mussoorie ( 11 km trek from Clouds End, Mussoorie).

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