Valley of flowers In July

The Valley of Flowers in July brings with it the chances of drizzles in The Himalayas which leaves behind the petrichor that is no less than a hard drug to a trekker. The month of July in The Valley of Flowers demonstrates the ruby colored flowers in a full bloom, the Ladies Slipper Orchid Flower blooms in the 1st week of July while the golden lily blooms till the 2nd week of July, the greenish meadows mix up with the wet Himalayan soil and release out a refreshing smell of the pristine Alpine air.

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It lies in the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and has a number of huge waterfalls, the rich diversity of Flaura & Fauna and blooming flowers will make you go gaga at this spectacular sight.

In the month of July, the Valley of Flowers bloom with the Epilobium Latifolium flower also known as the River Beauty makes the river bed a delightful pink colored land which woes your heart at just a mere sight of it. As it is the onset of the rainy season, The Valley of Flowers in July shows you the beauty of tar-black clouds which looks like a huge blanket in the sky.

The Valley of Flower has a scenic hamlet called Ghangaria which is the last human habitation center on the way of  Valley of Flowers. The 500 species of flowers at one place is an absolutely unimaginable sight, The valley of Flowers enables you to not only enjoy the  pollution-free atmosphere of the Himalayas but the decontaminated rain showers,  as the Valley of Flowers in July experiences the downpours in a good quantity.  Before getting on the trek make sure to check the weather conditions.

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