Raghunath Temple, Rishikesh

About Raghunath Temple, Rishikesh

Rishikesh Pragati Vihar, Rishikesh
1.6 kms / 4 mins
From Inter State Bus Terminus, Adarsh Gram, Rishikesh
30 mins

Raghunath Temple, Rishikesh in Rishikesh

Ragunath Temple is the most important place for religious ceremonies in Rishikesh. It is one of the most important places for religious ceremonies in Rishikesh. This temple dedicated to Lord Rama and his Wife Sita. The dusk Aarti on the Triveni Ghat is most impressive. For its devotional significant many devotees throughout the year visit this place.

Ragunath Temple Myths and Legends

This temple is located in the heart of Rishikesh near Triveni Ghat. Here you can see a kund, which is called "Rishikund". Some people believed that Lord Ram used the tank for bathing while he was in separate. It is also believed that the Yamuna and the Saraswati join the Ganga River here. Geographically, Yamuna joins the Ganga in Allahabad and surveyors have not located the legendary Saraswati yet.

How to Reach Ragunath Temple

Raghunath temple is located very close to the Triveni Ghat. You can hire auto for this place. If you have your own car then there is parking near Triveni Ghat where you can park your vehicle. Bigger vehicles cannot come here, as the road to Triveni Ghat is often busy street.

Location of Raghunath Temple, Rishikesh

Raghunath Temple, Rishikesh is located in Rishikesh ( Pragati Vihar, Rishikesh).

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