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Geeta Bhawan

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About Geeta Bhawan

Geeta Bhawan is a large complex located at the banks of holy river Ganaga in Swargashram, Rishikesh. Huge complex of Geeta Bhawan has several discourse halls and over 1000 rooms for the comfortable stay of devotees free of cost. Geeta Bhawan is a major place for devotees from far away places as they get free stay during their holy dip in river Ganga with listening to discourses and meditation.

In Rishikeshnear Ramjhula
2.8 kms
From Inter State Bus Terminus, Adarsh Gram, Rishikesh
2 hr

Geeta Bhawan in Rishikesh

During the summer season, Geeta Bhawan is filled completely with thousands of devotees from all over the world comes to attend Satsang and other meditational programs. Geeta Bhawan provides number of conveniences to the devotes such as food and eatable at a nominal price with free ferry boat service, cloth, book, Ayurvedic shops etc. Geeta Bhawan also serves all saints free food and cloth. Bathing Ghats 1 and 3 are in Geeta Bhawan complexe for holy dip in Ganges.

Geeta Bhawan Book Shop

Several Religious and Spiritual books are available at Geeta Bhawan Book Shop. The most popular "Ramayana", "RamcharitManas" and "Bhagwat Geeta" are available at the shop at very reasonable prices.

How To Reach Geeta Bhawan Rishikesh

Geeta Bhawan is located in Swargashram, Rishikesh and one can reach at Geeta Bhawan by walk or cycle rickshaw from Ram Jhula. Nearest railway station to reach Ram Jhula is Rishikesh railway station (3 kms) and airport at Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (22 kms).

Location of Geeta Bhawan

Geeta Bhawan is located in In Rishikesh ( near Ramjhula).

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