Char Dham Yatra Tips

While visiting Uttarakhand. Please take care of these Top 10 Char Dham Tips & travel guide. Respect nature and keep the environment neat & clean. Have a happy journey!!

Char Dham Yatra Travel Tips

During your visit to Char Dham, It is advisable not to hurt the religious sentiments of the people or litter the waste in such remote and scenic locations. We have managed to list down few tips, things to do and things to avoid during your CharDham Tour of Uttarakhand.

The following yatra tips will help to make your Char Dham Yatra comfortable, hassle free and will keep you healthy and fit during the entire trip. 

  • The chardham or the four pilgrimage destinations are accessible only for six months (May to October) throughout the year. The region becomes inaccessible during the other half of the part of the year due to snowfall. You can check opening and closing dates of Char Dham Temples.
  • While visiting Hindu mythological sites, shrines and temples, one should remove shoes and cover head with a piece of cloth before entering the Holy Place.
  • Carry heavy woolen clothes to protect from cold weather during the month of October-November and carry moderate woolen during Summer Season.
  • Carry woolen Blanket, an umbrella, Raincoat, Torchlight, minimum luggage and canvas shoes with you. You can carry woolen sweater, monkey cap and muffler, which will enable you to with stand cold winds, at the upper level of Himalayas.
  • Do carry creams, moisturizers, sunscreen creams.
  • Pack a medical kit with painkillers, antibiotics, cough lozenges, Antiseptic cream, Iodine, tube-squeeze cream and medicines for cold and fever.
  • Carry your routine medicines, as you might find only limited and general medicine at such remote locations.
  • Carry dark chocolates, dry fruits, Glucose (Glucose D), toffees. They will provide your instant energy during the trekking and during long jams.
  • When asking for directions, speak to shopkeepers, not pedestrians. Check with at least two persons or more.
  • Do not take pictures if cameras are not allowed in any particular area. Do not play with the sentiments of any particular religion.
  • At least a month before the Yatra, it is advisable to start preparatory exercises for the trip 4 months in advance.
  • Though self-managed tours happen to be economical, it is advisable for your Chardham yatra to go for a guided tour arranged by an expert local travel agent.
  • Carry extra batteries and films for your camera, as electricity is not regular in such remote places.
  • Do not travel in the rainy season as there are a lot of landslides during that time.
  • Book hotel rooms in advance if you are travelling close to the temple opening dates, there is a heavy rush of pilgrims. Check Hotels on Char Dham Route.
  • Alcohol or non vegetarian food is not permitted during Char Dham Yatra Tour.
  • Drink packaged water or boiled water only.

Clothing during Char Dham Yatra

Summers (May, June, July, August)- Moderate Woolens
 Winters (April, September, October, November)- Heavy Woolens


Medical Emergency Number    

In case of any serious medical emergency, call 108 (The Mobile emergency service from Government of Uttarakhand). Don't make fake calls, as it is punishable offense.


Driving Tips in Uttarakhand during Char Dham

  • Always keep your vehicle on left side of the Road
  • Use Horn at curves on hills, Never overtake the overtaking vehicle
  • One should not drive more than 8 hours a day in hilly region
  • Avoid driving after sunset, as it is not allowed in hilly area of Uttarakhand
  • Use shoes instead of slippers while driving
  • Check your Brakes and Hand Brakes before starting journey
  • Check the Headlights, Break light and Parking lights of your vehicle
  • Always give way to uphill vehicles
  • Keep your vehicle's valid documents with you to avoid inconvenience
  • Before journey, make sure that fuel tank of your vehicle is full, in case of land slides you might have to take alternate long routes
  • Ensure to refuel, where ever easily you get chance, during season there might be long queues in Petrol Pumps at main stations
  • Carry first aid box with you
  • Do not drink and drive
  • In case of traffic jam, park your vehicle at the end of the queue. If you initiate a parallel queue, the traffic from other side might force you to drive in reverse gear, till you reach again at end of the original queue. And you may find it very difficult to drive long in reverse gear on a hilly road
  • Do not compete with local vehicles/drivers. They know the terrain very well.

Char Dham Yatra - Do's and Don'ts during Yatra

Tip 1: Do not use soaps and shampoos near the banks of rivers.

Tip 2: Do not throw puja materials or trash in the river.

Tip 3: While traveling in the mountains, throw the packets of chips, biscuits, or plastics in the dustbin or carry them in your bag. Do not throw them in the trails.

Tip 4: Do not smoke, drink, or eat non-vegetarian foods near the temple premises.

Tip 5: While driving in the hills, always stay in your lane and honk at every corner and turns.

While driving in the hills, always stay in your lane and honk at every corner and turns.

Tip 6: During summers, fire spreads rapidly in the forests of Uttarakhand. Keep that in mind and do not throw cigarette butts and match sticks in the ground.and break it down properly before disposing.

Tip 7: Do not hike or trek empty stomach. Carry sufficient water. If you feel unwell, immediately visit the nearest clinic/hospital.

Do not hike or trek empty stomach. Carry sufficient water. If you feel unwell, immediately visit the nearest clinic/hospital.

Tip 8: Before commencing Char Dham Yatra, It is mandatory to complete Biometric Registration. You can complete the registration both offline and online. For online registration, visit

Tip 9: Carry warm clothes along with umbrella/raincoat for your travel. Weather in mountains and hilly areas are colder than rest of the places and change suddenly without any prior indication.

Tip 10: Carry sufficient cash with you as ATM facilities aren't available or are scarce in most hilly areas.

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