Someshwar Mahadev

About Someshwar Mahadev

Someshwar Mahadev temple is situated in Sankri or Saur village in Mori block of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva of Hindus. This beautifully built temple is also the local deity the region and is the place of immense religious significance  & faith for villagers. Someshwar Mahadev temple is also a tourist attraction for thousands of tourists visiting treks like Kedarkantha, Har ki Doon, Bali Pass, Juda ka Talab etc.  Temple is also home to celebrate local festivals and fairs. Thousands of devotees from around the world come to this this temple to understand the local culture & architecture of the  temple.

In Sankri VillageAbout 300 metre from road head of Sankri

Someshwar Mahadev in Sankri Village

Temple Architecture

Someshwar Mahadev temple is an example of pure wooden art. Made with Deodar wood, the walls of temples are filled with amazing artwork. The carving on wood depicts the rich history, culture, traditions by local artists. The architecture of is in pure Pahadi style. The roof of the temple is made with flat and slim stones called 'Pathal' in local language. Temple gate is made up of shining metal with beautiful carving on it. The area of temple is planned in a very beautiful manner with sitting area, benches, a small wooden meeting room  & plenty of space in temple premises. While sitting on the stairs or sitting rows of temples, you can adore the temple and Swargarohini peaks in it backdrop at the same time.

Location & How to Reach Someshwar Mahadev

Temple is cocooned in Govind wildlife sanctuary and national park in Sankri range of Uttarkashi. Direct buses from Dehradun railway station to Sankri are available on daily basis in the morning.

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What is Someshwar Mahadev famous for?

Someshwar Mahadev is popular place for following activities/ interests - Shiva Temples , Temples.

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