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Delhi to Kotdwara - 208kms

Rishikesh to Kotdwara - 100kms

Devprayag to Kotdwara - 148kms

Pauri to Kotdwara - 101kms

Tehri to Kotdwara - 173kms

Dehradun to Kotdwara - 127kms

Mussoorie to Kotdwara - 159kms

Uttarkashi to Kotdwara - 242kms

Ramnagar to Kotdwara - 85kms

Nainital to Kotdwara - 148kms

Haldwani to Kotdwara - 140kms

Srinagar to Kotdwara - 132kms

Haridwar to Kotdwara - 76kms

Lansdowne to Kotdwara - 40kms

Khirsu to Kotdwara - 115kms

Rudraprayag to Kotdwara - 166kms

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Chopta Tungnath
Located at an astounding altitude of approx 3000m, offering stunning view of the Himalayan peaks, Chopta is also known as the "Switzerland of India". Chopta


Also known as the "Gateway to God" Haridwar is one of the Holiest places of the Hindus who visit Har Ki Pauri for a Holy Dip in the sacred Ganges. Haridwar


Rishikesh Rafting
Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga Capital of the World. Rishikesh is equally famous for the adventure sports like White Water Rafting. Rafting in Rishikesh

The Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand
Recognized as a World Heritage Site, The Valley is home of over 500 species of wild flowers.
Valley of Flowers
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