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Kalu Sidh

About Kalu Sidh

Located in Kaluwala village near Bhaniwala or Bhaniyawala, Kalu Siddh is a holy shrine dedicated to Sage Kalu, one of the 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya. Kalu Siddh Temple is set in the Thano Forest Range amongst dense sal forests and situated at a distance of about 7kms from Thano village. It is one of the four pilgrimage sites of the four siddhs (holy shrines) of Dehradun.

In Dehradun7 km from Thano road Bhaniyawala

Kalu Sidh in Dehradun

The four siddhs are situated at a radius of 15kms from Dehradun city and at four different directions. Kalu Siddh is situated at the east direction. It is believed that fasting and praying at the four siddh in a single day fulfills your wishes.

History of Kalu Siddh

The 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya, the son of sage Atri and Anasuya, indulged in extreme penance. They meditated at various places in North India. Lord Shiva was pleased by their devotion and granted them the gift of enlightenment. The devotees attained Samadhi at the place of meditation and abandoned their bodies.

The temples (four siddhs of Dehradun) were built to pay homage to four of his disciples, namely Sage Laxman, Sage Munik, Sage Kulu, and Sage Mandu. 

Kalu Siddh Temple - Exteriors

Kalu Siddh Temple is surrounded by dense sal forests and situated calmly away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A small river flows near the temple. An interesting feature of Kalu Siddh Temple is that it doesn’t have a roof. The temple stands beautifully under the open sky. 

There have been numerous attempt to build a roof, all of which have failed. This has strengthened the belief and faith of people in the temple even more.

The peaceful atmosphere in and around Kalu Siddh Temple is ideal for spiritual retreat and for some quality time with friends and family. Apart from puja, you can engage in bird watching, hiking, and trekking too.

Puja at Kalu Siddh

Villagers from the nearby villages offer the first milk of their herd in the temple. Doing so is considered auspicious. The devotees pray at the temple by offering jaggery and take it as Prasad to their homes. It is believed that there are two heavily built shape changing apes in the vicinity of the temple and people who see them are considered fortunate.  

Location of Kalu Sidh

Kalu Sidh is located in In Dehradun ( 7 km from Thano road Bhaniyawala).

Location & How to Reach Kalu Sidh

Kalu Siddh is located at Kaluwala village, 7kms from Thano village. There is no public transport available for Kalu Siddh and hence private vehicles and taxis are the best way to get there. Kalu Siddh is 27 kms from Dehradun Railway Station and about 11kms from Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. You can follow both Raipur route & Rishikesh - Dehradun route to visit this temple. 

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What is Kalu Sidh famous for?

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