Manak Sidh

About Manak Sidh

Situated in Budhi Gaon on Shimla Bypass Road, at a distance of 16kms from Clock Tower, Manak Siddh is a holy shrine dedicated to Sage Manak, one of the 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya. It is one of the four revered pilgrimage sites of Dehradun. The four pilgrimage sites are located at a radius of 15kms from the capital city of Dehradun at four different directions. It is believed that visiting the four pilgrimage sites on the same day with an empty stomach fulfils the wishes of the devotee.

In Dehradun Mohabbewala, Dehradun

Manak Sidh in Dehradun

Manak Siddh is deeply revered by the devotees and the presence of the temples of Lord Narasimha and Lord Hanuman in its vicinity attracts a large number of visitors.   

History of Manak Siddh

Manak Siddh was a saint who had meditated and engaged in a great penance at the same place where the temple is located now. He devoted his life completely to the worship of Lord Shiva and Laxmi-Narayan. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Shiva blessed him and he was to safeguard the culture and religion and awaken the people of the place. Manak Baba spent his days serving the people and ending their sufferings. Devotees believe that even today, Baba Manak greets his devotees in his Shiva form and puts an end to their sufferings.

Puja at Manak Siddh

Manak Siddh Temple is an important shrine for the people as it is the centre of social consciousness and harmony. Devotees travel from far off places to worship at the temple. They offer grains and milk in the temple and pray for success and wealth. A main puja is conducted every Sunday in which jaggery is offered to the devotees.

Location of Manak Sidh

Manak Sidh is located in In Dehradun ( Mohabbewala, Dehradun).

Location & How to Reach Manak Sidh

Manak Siddh Temple is located in Buddi Gaon on Shimla Bypass Road. It is 16kms from Clock Tower Dehradun and public and private transports are available. However, in case of public transports, you’ll have to change them multiple times. So, it’s advisable to either take your private vehicle or hire a taxi. Parking isn’t a problem here as there are plenty of parking space available. However, location is very close to ISBT Dehradun.

The nearest railway station from Manak Siddh is Dehradun Railway Station at a distance of 15kms and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport at a distance of 46kms. 

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