Dark Tourism in Kedarnath - Memorial park for 2013 Flood Victims

The government of Uttarakhand has decided to pay tribute to the victims of the 2013 disaster in Kedarnath by building a memorial park in Kedarnath.

Tourism Minister, Satpal Maharaj informed the media that they will soon propose the idea in the center. He further stated that the state government wants the people to visit Kedarnath to remember and pay tribute to the victims of 2013 Kedarnath disaster.

The idea of building a memorial in order to commemorate a tragic event is known as ‘Dark Tourism’. The concept of Dark Tourism has been successfully applied by countries like New York, France, and Italy where memorials have been built at places associated with death and tragedy. Even in India, there are many places where memorials have been built at the places of mass suffering and death. These places include places like Jalianwala Bagh, Cellular Jail, Gandhi Smriti, Bhuj, among other sites.

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