Adventure Tours Packages

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Budget Camping in Dhanaulti

2 Days / 1 Night
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Gushing rivers, lofty mountain peaks and treacherous glaciers make Uttarakhand an ultimate adventure paradise besides the usual tourist attractions of nature and religion.  The growing number of adventure activities in the Uttarakhand state has made it one stop destination for the young crowd to feel the adrenaline rush. There are limitless possibilities for trekking, mountaineering, skiing, and river rafting in Uttarakhand.

Adventure Tours in Uttarakhand

The adventure tour packages of Uttarakhand offers range of adventure activities to the thrill seekers. As Uttarakhand is ranked among the top water sport destinations in India, water rafting at Rishikesh is worth a try. Undulated terrains, rocky cliffs and densely forested regions are very well suited for trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing.

Here you can avail a number of adventure tours packages, which will make your vacation an unforgettable one in Uttarakhand. These adventure tour packages will make sure you return as a completely new person as you face your fears and conquer it. We will also make sure your adrenaline levels are kept to maximum!